I hope I will get some sense here.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rather Worried, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Hello everybody!

    I originally posted this in the NAAFI bar section but did not get much sense out of anybody. I have had a bit of a sheltered life as my dad is a vicar.

    My mum is pestering me to get a job as I have not worked since I left school in 2006.

    She thinks I should join the Army but I am a bit worried because my best mate joined the AGC and said that it was full of blokes who looked at him funny when he was in the shower. It was so bad he went AWOL and ended up in Colchester.

    Is this true or is he winding me up?

    PS Should I join the Parachute Regiment or the Green Jackets? I was a CDT Sgt and a 3* cadet in the ACF and have got a D of E Gold and 8 GCSEs and 3 A'levels so should I apply for a commission?
  2. Wind up merchant.
  3. :)

    are you herbet1?
  4. Who's Herbert? Is he a friend of yours?
  5. Thi is your mum, this is

  6. Nah, I reckon he is monkeyfcuk of the recent soapy eared RSM post.

    Cabana, feck of with that shit, where I am it is my beddy byes time and I am sure to have nightmares now.
  7. and this is yer grannie.

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  8. Come on he's semi-bloody-literate I've got three A levels!
  9. That's it, no more, TaffJ out.
  10. Congratulations, if true you might probably be the only ex Cadet ever to have reached Cdt Sgt, 3*, DofE Gold, 8 GCSE's and 3 "A" Levels, and done nothing with his life for four years.

    If true get your finger out and stop wasting your time hanging around websites; if not, stop slandering a good youth organisation by claiming a connection to it.
  11. 'You blokes really are perverts! I'm off to join the RN as I am sure there are no poofters there!
  12. Can't be having that now...well, perhaps you could send yourself off to sleep dreaming of sucking on this

  13. Well, its not really true that I did nothing. I joined a monastry for a couple of years but was not sure that I had sufficient vocation to continue.
  14. You should have joined a convent you big fanny.