I Honestly Feel Sorry For Him

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, May 25, 2011.

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  1. For those who accuse me of being heartless, disingenuous, hypocritical, racist (take a breath), "right wing" and more recently an outright criminal under our military code for my commentary on our political leaders, I offer this in a true spirit of heartfelt empathy for Him. I imagine someone in the White House Protocol Office has his or her resume out on monster.com tonight after this.

    Also, for those who will say they "call me out" (ala Gary Cooper in "High Noon" for the particular post where the video appears, I have never before been on the site and do not vouch for or endorse the commentary as it was spotted by the LHCO who was so struck by it, she woke me from a sound sleep to see it. In a quick search to find the original ABC News clip, it seemed to have been strangely pulled from the ABC website.

    Having been at various formal dinners and mess events involving both formal toasts and specific protocols where I have managed to make a total hash of it, I honestly feel sorry for Him in this instance and can only assume his staff let Him down horribly, although it is a bit odd that not another person (at least in view of the camera) raised his or her glass until the music ended.

  2. It's a very small matter. The press have commented on it in some places. In others it doesn't even get a mention. The BBC propaganda machine has this (amongst other things) to say: BBC News - A new bond between David Cameron and Barack Obama? and BBC News - President Obama hails 'special relationship' at banquet in which the only mention is: "To conclude, the president proposed a toast to the Queen, but there appeared to be a mistake as the band played the opening bars to God Save the Queen before he had finished."
  3. Serves him right for sending back W.S. Churchills bust. Get that up yer!
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  4. What do you expect, he's a Septic, Etiquette a word developed by the rich to confound the poor

    Sorry JJ
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  5. I had a similar, albeit less prestigious, experience in the Caucasus about a decade ago - I proposed a toast not realising that in that part of the world, when someone initially makes a toast - not just anyone can initiate a toast there, it has to be someone of the correct social standing - there are about 17 more toasts that the same person has to make, usually ending with a toast to the dead resulting in much maudlinness.. err... maudlinanity... err... depression. Interruption of the 18 round toast is something that can spark vendettas lasting decades.

    On the assumption that Obama was considerably less drunk than I when he made his faux pas, I do have a slight glimmer of sympathy for him, but seeing as politicians work day and night to look their best in public, I can't help wondering if the embarrassment that us mortals feel after a faux-pas would have been redirected into finding blame in someone else ("Why the hell didn't McSchumckmeyer brief me on this? I want him/her sacked.").

    I can recommend 'The Political Animal' by Jeremy Paxman as an interesting angle on the motivations and make-up of (British) politicians; living in France I can see that some of Paxman's ideas translate equally well to French politicians. I am sure they would to many US ones as well.
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  6. Not only did he get the timing wrong, but after calling on the diners to drink a toast to the Queen, he was the one who didn't. Clearly, he was taking the lead from HMQ but forgot that she can't drink a toast to herself.

    Perhaps he'll have learned that, in matters of protocol, it's better to emulate Philip. :)
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  7. He'll be declaring war agaisnt the "Slitty eyed buggers!"
  8. You can imagine him glaring at Obama and muttering, "I blame Lincoln for this...Great Emancipator my arse!" not quite under his breath...:applaud:
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  9. He's only a young lad, he will learn.
  10. What can I say he is not one of us. Don't fell sorry for him JJ he ought to know better.
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  11. Hey don't bring President Lincoln into this! He had a nice little scheme thought up where he would offer boat fare back to Africa to the freed slaves after the end of the Civil War. "Sorry about the previous unpleasantness and all, but it was the evil Southern planters fault. Take this bit of land in West Fuckoff Africa with our apologies and be free." "Helloo? Any time now, y'all..."

    Our current Chimp-in-charge couldn't even serve competently as a toastmaster for his local Chicago Optimists Club. I don't feel sorry for him. That's what you should expect to get through affirmative action. :roll:

    Obozo Logo.jpg
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  12. Will i be right in saying that you did not vote for him. nice to see someone calling a chimp a chimp in this PC world that we live in

  13. That was funny! I think I even detected a smile from Camilla there.
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  14. They should have him whipped.
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  15. Agreed. Until he admits his real name is Toby.
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