I "Heart" Camberwell Carrot

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I dont like doing things to death, Princess Production threads, S**d threads, Author and SAS Falklands Hero Mark Powell/Knight who lives in Singapore and has written Quantum Breach and Deep Six, just saying like, ahem, here s a cracking write-up on the bloke for Google-bots sake:Mark Powell - ARRSEpedia but I do actually "Heart" CC, the man is the epitomie of wisdom and might, (mite?), he has fought his corner against that old Arrsonian, PG, saviour of the British Realm, and 185 times GSM Bar NI (2 less than Tropper), the man that hates all Walt threads, but funnily enough, always has to join in and give his 3 shillings worth.

Its a game of wits, CC v. PG, Camberwellians against PG s Old Model Army and minions, the odds are stacked, that piece of old furniture is just too heavy to move.

This, Ladies & Gentlemen, will take Arrse to new horizons, of a level unseen yet by the Auld Yins and Blue Sophists of these shores. No longer will we have to seek out Innocents to bully, it ll be a "just off down the pub for a Camberwell" in the near future.

Is a new Rank-structure evolving, is it time to pop down to Ikea and get some new furniture*, am I talking utter Herforder bolloxs and should bed down for the night?

*Pressed wood-chip flakes formed into some type of temporary storage facility

What say yee?
Stop shit stiring and snorting the No Nails and get some kip or I'll dig that crucifix gag out again :)

Hope the family's well you excitable old tit.


Stop shit stiring and snorting the No Nails and get some kip or I'll dig that crucifix gag out again :)

Hope the family's well you excitable old tit.
Cheers Steve, but I ve moved onto expanding-foam, its more economic.

You are quite welcome to dig out that gag, it was your best yet. Thx, alles gut, hope yours are too.

Now, did I hear you mention Mark Powell........................
Im not going to lie to you, i got a tear in my eye reading that.

Either that or it was some dust from that cheap Ikea furniture...
I'd say you'd had a few.

I'll still be smiling when I awake.

As a survivor of the Nasty Bullies, and now, thanks to you, Dear Heart, a meeja star (the paparazzi are well-represented on my dogshit-strewn front lawn as I write), do I get first dibs on that lovely chubby little cutie Jesy off the telly, who's been getting all the stick, the one on the right of the pic? I think she deserves it. We were made for one another. I know what I am inviting by posting this ^_~


Cheers Mucka.


Dont quite follow you, but I must say, if I pretended to be an AAC NI Door-gunner Vet, an aging 50-55 yr old ugly used cunt, who d only ever seen a Red/White Sifter from 3000m altitude, and chicaned bog-standard Gnrs/Tprs/Sprs/Pte s into my Province-taxi with an air of authority, wittingly shouting "Redeye, 3 o clock", without even knowing how a "Redeye SAM" looked like, I m sure you d all respect me. After time though, Its boring, and called Bullshit.

Apart from that, I d fuck your photo offering from left to right and back, on a perpetual-motion scale of things.

Wheres the big PG? (I m scared and awaiting an "Aleegee utter cunt" thread, from his truly) PG, I believe you ve never told us about your past and present?............you ve always Troppered us, but I m sure I m wrong, you always managed to avoid it, but prey tell us of your daring dos in your one and only TAOR. 50 quid to Hols4heroes for a backed-up version from JPA of your 185 tours of the Province, I doubt you ever saw outside Aldergrove you fighting-vest wearing Walt. As you like to preach so often, prove it.

Just saying like, just having a wild stab in the dark....
Blimey! What with Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Camberwell Carrot and, now this. The contagion is spreading.

Tin hats, luverly tin hats, gettem while yer can.

Loose lips sink ships.

Be like Dad, keep Mum.

It's not so bad.

Christ what a hangover, where's the soluble paracetamol.

Taxi! Trung ta di the Irish bar for a big all day breakfast. La mon.

Kam on em.
I'm not too proud to admit I've lost track of what's going on, who's who and who's fallen out with who.....................
Head down to your local playschool and watch through the bars. (before you get arrested and placed on the register) you'll see a skilfully acted out interpretation of the last few days. Any playschool will do, just watch out for flying teddies and tantrums.
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