I heard a rumour....

....that the TA will pay for my gym joining fees and membership provided I can prove that I attend regularly?

I heard this from a top source (*ahem*) butI was wondering if anyone's done/doing/going to do this as I'm going to look at a gym this evening.

No hardship if this isn't tha case, I'll prbably join anyway (gotta get in shape for a few competitions, not to mention life :lol: )
It seems to be happening in 2 (NC) Sig Bde at the moment, but my guess is that it will spread. As I understand it, they are not paying joining fees, but 1/4 MTD per week to cover membership.

It depends on unit and higher formation policies I think. We are able to claim for time spent (not for any other associated costs) doing physical training as long as it is at a recognised training facility (gym, swimming, football or rugby clubs etc.). However, we do have to have a training plan approved by our PTI, provide receipts as necessary, have our attendance signed off by someone at the training venue and have it all approved by our OC/PSAO. In all cases a generous, I think, limit has been set of a maximum of 2 days per month per person that we can claim in MTD's. We aren't allowed to claim when playing sports though ie I can claim for rugby training for instance but not for playing in a match. It seems to be working in our unit and a lot more people are taking regular exercise compared to when it was introduced. Added to that we can concentrate on other training needs when at drill nights instead of jelly belly PT :twisted:

After all, a regular solider has PT and sports afternoons within the weekly training programme, so this is kind of the same thing although it has to be done off one's own bat so to speak.
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