I haven't seen Whet for a while on here....

Has he fallen asleep again.
Sh, don't wake him. He's missed his last four benefit handouts and Standard and Poor have upgraded Britain's rating owing to the massive cuts in public expenditure.
He's working long arduous shifts.
Sven MIA too - good
I think Whet's been working for quite some time now but has enjoyed the vitriol his well documented unemployment has brought him.
I know of course he's not dead as surely he would have got a state funeral, being the great public servant and statesman.....

Oww hold on he never actually won an election did he.
Who gives a fuck?

It's like saying "My cancers been in regression for a bit, I do so hope it pays me a visit soon."
I actually enjoyed his spouting of drivel. Much akin to when you have toothache and you keep prodding it to see if it still hurts - and it always does.


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Its local council elections.

This may be a snooze in the dark, but could Whet be standing again for election?

I recall his last election pledge very well.

"If elected I wil...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (fart/ cough ) zzzzz"
I'm occasionally amused with some of his posts & replies, unfortunately he also reminds of someone who I'd dearly like to punch...Ken Livingston.

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