I have something really sad to tell you.

I know, I know, it's not the obvious, me and the lad are back on course. Sorry.

However, apparently mrrandom is just as fucking dull in real life as he is on here.

I've never met the bloke, but apparently he is more boring than me.

He thinks that meeting people off here is fun.

He also likes cross stitch and is not even 30 yet.

He is also not in that Arrmy thang that you lot bleat on about.

Bleat, bleat, bleat.

So there you have it, just as boring in real life (I nearly put lice there) as he is on here.

As far as I can work out, snail got dumped, mrrandom tried it on and failed, snail got back with whoever it is that dumped her....and now feels the need to vent that frustration at taking back the bloke that mistreats her on the bloke that tried it on and failed. Of course I could be wrong.
Right, so mrrandom is a bird and sluggy is a rug-muncher? Or mrrandom is a bloke and likes whiney aggressive northerners?

Up until last week I though Sluggy was an hermaphrodite with a strange dog fetish


Confused of Tunbridge Wells
I invented stairs.

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