I Have Served

We seem to be getting inundated with never served civvy tossers intent on giving us the benefits of their non experience. This is a thread for those who have served. As little or as much as you want, but recognise your experience.


12 years as a grunt, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit


Oh alright then. 16 years served, left as a stripey in 1992. Regimental number and everything, governor. Some great postings and jobs, fucking shit Banner tours cut short promotion and fitness. Medals lost, don't give a fuck. That's your lot, let the young uns have their day.

Cede Nullis

This thread is gay as fuck.
That's as may be.

Military experience please.

It's about time we sorted the wheat from the walt on this site
6 years infantry, 32 years RE, all TA.

Applying long service medal criteria (Regular time counts half), that's equivalent to 76 years of Regular service.
3 years RAF as an EngTech Avionics

Med Discharge
And you have the nerve to call me Bedsitcock.
I've just got back from work serving cocks like you jars of brasso all night, do me a favour and fuck off over there. When you get there, fuck off again, keep fucking off till you get back here then fuck off some more.

There is a good dog, now hop to it and fuck off.
10 years RAOC/RLC. Served in UK, BFG, FI, Bosnia and NI.
Been out over 12 years now and have become a fat civvy as opposed to a fat stacker.

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By asking walts whether they have military experience? Fuck off Baldrick.
No cunt could call me a walt. Who the fuck would want to walt as a crab fairy for fuck sake?!?
2484 none of your fucking business

Joined 1988

8 years tank crewman
4 years TA RA
9 years Royal Marines. Regs and reserves.
Slacking off and 'not meeting his potential' mostly.

Mark The Convict

Swampy, if you've read Reflected Glory by Carney Lake, how accurate an account of 1970's RM svc. is it?
Oh yeh, forgot to mention, me and my chally were also on the balcony, first MBT on the balcony to be exact

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