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I have sent away my medical forms how long til...

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I have sent away my medical forms how long untill i get notice back from them and what is the next stage???

I don't think this is exactly what vanman had in mind when he said "try the joining up thread."

Something tells me you haven't done a particularly fastidious search of the thread in search of the answers you seek, thereby leaving your hoop exposed for a dry hump fest...

However, all is not lost. I in my kindness (It's friday so i'm in quite a good mood) have spent literally seconds tirelessly searching the site at your behest and am pleased to be able to direct you thusly Clickedy Linky


Ruta said:
Fuk is every1 a * on this site???
No, just get a lot of the same old questions popping up every week or so.

Probably best to get back in your box as a new member and soak up the ambience before posting crap throw away comments.

You should have been given a booklet by the staff at your careers office which outlines the stages?

Just a little bit of friendly advice:

I suggest you do some research on your chosen career, searching this site and the internet (top left "Search") and the booklets you have been given

Use some initiative it will stand you in good stead if you still can’t find anything then once you have tried the other avenues I have found that the guys on this site are very helpful in pointing you in the right direction.
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