I have no pyrotechnics or parts there-of in my posession!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 762baynet, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. ooops!

    Bet he shite himself when he saw that it had hit the neighbours house.

    A nice bit of common sense from the judge as well, would have been pointless to have been harsh and mess up the young lads future.

    I remember having a few buckshee mini flares myself at his age and that ended up a bit messy as well !

  2. Boys will be boys, I bet he will do a few pan bashes for that one!!!
  3. Somehow I feel the Bn will mete out more than enough punishment for this daft lad. It is fortunate he didn't harm or kill anyone.

    Good call from the judge. This guy isn't your run of the mill chav scroat bag, and has put in a fair bit of good service already. He will undoubtedly give good account of himself on his next tour.
  4. Bloody trainng cutbacks again - the selling off, of training areas and reduction of training budgets was always going to lead to soldiers having to "study" at home. :D

    Look forward to the next Wiltshire story of a RAC member who uspset at his lack of live-firing practice, arranges to do his bit for traffic-reduction on the A303!
  5. From the news report:
    Fcuking classic! I wonder if the court fell apart laughing.
  6. There is no excuse for what he done and could have seriously injured one of the children but it was a drunken mistake that many soldiers have made and a fair call from the judge.

    He will have enough to worry about when he is in the big sand pit fighting with his comrades. Personally I think the Parachute Regiment is ruined by idiots (usually drunk/fighting) and lads who walk round bigging themselves up. The Parachute Regiment proves its self time and time again in the field. Sometimes the biggest p*sshead or prat can be one of the best soldiers whilst carrying out their duties.

    Safe trip and safe return.
  7. I suspect Mr Jenkins will become a popular lawyer for the boys - at least he has a sense of humour.

    Perhaps the reverse should be true and we should send out the scrotes on Community Service to spend a month in Helmand!
  8. I agree...Would love to see that. A bit of chav royale!
  9. I'm outraged!

    The big question is did he use it in the traditional role, or did he cut off the parachute and use it in the anti armour direct fire mode?

    Once again lots of chin rubbing, tooth sucking and "silly boy" comments...

    drunken stupidness with pyrotechnics is uber het, and for winners....let he without sin... sit on his own in the NAAFI the boring f ucking billy no mates :)
  10. Bloody good call - well done that judge.
  11. they fly quite nicely in the direct fire mode without parachutes removed.
    "use these to simulate 66"
    ok boss oh **** not like that you kunt" :evil:
  12. I'm sure I'm not the only one present here to cause more damage than that in the drunken pursuit of fun.....
    Possibly mostly while I was still at school but I would say that growing out of it was more a matter of luck than judgement
  13. I'll remember that one, here's hoping I never have occasion to use it 8)
  14. Ripping off the parachute and wedging a thunder flash in usually gets the lads arses down during a section attack.

    We used one on a grots mess tin and for the whole of the exercise all he had in his kidney pouch was the handle...Well thats all we could find. Laughed my arse off.