I have no live rounds or empty cases?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Bit of a back story there, I imagine. Easy to get carried away, though.
  2. Fingers on triggers! Tsk, tsk.

    PS If he's looking for a good home for all that ammo, then maybe I could help.....
  3. Bit of an easy score for the local plod isnt it.
    "Right men, we need to get the crime figures for gun related crime up, any ideas ?"

    "Well sarge, there's that "Mr Big" the local hard nut, folks reckon he has been flashing a gold plated Ruger around"

    "Oooh sounds a bit dodgy lad, any more ?"

    "Well, there is that pistol target shooting medallist who lives with his mum......."

    "Get me the flying squad on the blower, and a cuppa tea"
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  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Except since it was at Chicksands and a court martial it's more likely the RMP lifted him.
  5. Stop talking rubbish, what do you base that comment on, your massive experience of dealing with gun crime in the UK?
  6. Back in the day our club secretary would put in a bulk order of rounds for the 22 rifle team. That was boxes and boxes of ammo delivered to his house, so yes, there are times when someone may have that amount of ammo...but 5.56??
  7. I think it might also be the 4,000 odd 5.65 and the tracer he had at home that might have some bearing on the case though.
  8. It was military ammunition, that he had obviously acquired illegally.

    Legal personal ammunition cannot be stored in SFA. Nor can it be held in the Unit Ammunition Store.
  9. They should go easy on him, when he said that he had no empty cases he was probbaly telling the truth.
  10. No, I base it on humour, cock.
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  11. I was referring to the suggestion that 40k rounds of .22 is a lot for target shooting.

    While he might have a slot for the 5.56, (its a common enough target shooting round, and even tracers can be bought), but obviously didn't, it's a pretty safe bet the 9mm is stolen as almost no 9mm firearms in civilians hands now, (a handful of carbines in 9mm, and getting the ammunition is a PITA), certainly no pistols.
    So yes, Bad boy, go straight to jail, do not collect £200 for him.
  12. Having just come from Chicksands, there is more to this. I know a couple of the guys who've been dragged in for interviews over this - funny old thing but Mr Cook isn't the flavour of the month any more.
  13. Wonder if he's blown his chances for Rio 2016 ?