I have no live rounds, blanks or empty cases in my posession

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by subbsonic, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. I have no live rounds, blanks or empty cases in my posession

    ATO bites dog??
  2. Guess he is now well fcuked. Had a guy in the Sigs, years ago, worked in the stores. Done his 22, got out, done something stupid, cops searched his house, what they found was enough SLR spares to make some complete weapons, rounds, smokies etc. Dunno what happened to him.
  3. like the legend of the jocks who have 9 gas masks pinned to there walls? or the mod staff who have enough systems drawings in there home to build a submarine?

    I dont know why people do it myself, my home isnt huge, and moving about as much as i do it would be such a pain to drag it all everywhere.
  4. Many years ago the cops searched a REME armourer's house (after his kid produced a 7.62 round at school and said "daddy has lots of these at home"). They found a complete SMG made from parts :oops:
  5. how about the lads in brecon in about '98 who blew up their house after nicking explosives from ITC?

  6. I can remember some lads from Tidworth were stopped by police in a car on the way to "visit" a bloke who had abused the nephew of one of them.
    The police found a working Sterling and ammunition but could not find an armoury in the area with one missing.
    The bloke who addmitted it was in his possesion said he had found it leaning against a tree on Salisbury plain, any Arrse members remember loseing one a few years ago? :roll:
  7. was it some Guards in london a few years ago who "borrowed" an SA80 from the guardroom armoury and nipped off to do an armed robbery? witness recognised the weapon type and the old bill arrived at nearest barracks in time to see them scaling the wall... go direct to jail, do not collect £200. or so the story goes.
  8. I think that there was a guy (R Irish HS) who robbed a NI petrol station a few years ago using his issued pistol - the cashier told the police the butt number painted on to it! It didn't take them long to arrest him.......
  9. Similar scenario....2 blokes (RAOC) from Marchwood had a couple of smg's signed out the armoury. Hopped on a motorbike and robbed a small post office at Dibden. The army weapons were a bit of a giveaway (but not as much the the bike registration number :roll: )
  10. Well into a 2yr tour of NI, a pad was found with a "few bits & bobs"
    A small ammo tin was put out and orders posted, giving the rest of the batt. a chance to hand in any bits they might have.

    Needless to say 6 MFO boxes were needed to carry everything that was handed in.
  11. There another story floating around that two squaddies went off and raided a petrol station , not only did they have SA80's, but thought by wearing there noddy suit jackets and S10's they wouldnt be recognised,

    all well and good i hear you say,

    well it was but considering the noddy suit jackets had there names on the front pockets!!

    Needless to say they werew found quickly!
  12. Note to self: If ever planning to rob a bank, do not use any gear unique to the British Army. Especially the SA80 since even the most ignorant civvie must surely be able to recognise it.

    Still wondering how he concealed three quarters of a ton of plastic explosive from the neighbours, much less 5,312 detonators (ok, I imagine those are tiny...but THAT many?)
  13. A fella at a certain Signals Regiment based in Wales recently came off guard, still dressed in his CS95, 'borrowed' his SA80 and rounds, and held up the local petrol station. He thought by wearing a balaclava he'd get away with it...he didn't think to cover his hands though, and he was one of only four black lads on the Regiment. Time until capture...about three minutes! :D
  14. yeah - one was an RHF Anti-Tank/Asslt Pnr bloke in Fire Sp Coy with me before posting to ITC. He nicked the explosives and gave it to a mate who was a bit of a Welsh nationalist. They collared him and he got a couple of years in civvy nick. The other lad was killed in the blast.
  15. there "may" be something in this story if we are talking early 80's :wink:
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