I have no ammunition sir!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by donmac, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Five rounds of 9mm and you'd think they were unexploded anthrax bombs by plods reaction.
  2. Should have put them under the bed with 300 odd others.

    The media would have campaigned for them to be forgotten about then.
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  3. When a shopkeeper in a nearby town found a single .22LR round on his doormat (perhaps no more than the work of some yokel bunny basher pulling a snot rag out of that jacket pocket that also contains dog biscuits, shotgun cartridges and a lot of fluff) he, properly, called Plod.

    Ahh you would have thought the world was about to end: whole town centre sealed off, enough cordon tape to go thrice around the globe, control wagons, helicopter, armed unit, dogs, fingertip searches, senior officers talking to local media in dark tones about major incident, etc, etc, etc.

    After half a day a grown up decided their career prospects were not going to be enhanced, so as quickly as this vast circus had arrived it simply vanished leaving no more than a helpful statistic about a firearms releated incident.
  4. You forgot to mention the baler twine, unless it was already being used to hold trousers up.
  5. "I have lots of live rounds and empty cases in my possession, sir, and a load of rifles too"

    Parting words to a CCF knobshiteing kiddy fiddler who thought I was a cadet (serving RAF taking local station ATC out on the range and instructing them on the parker hale 7.62 whilst sharing the range with CCF who wear RAF cap badges instead of ATC)

    Kept my gob shut after a bollocking until the declaration! (bollocking was unwarranted as I was on an unrelated dry fire and I was overall RSO he was RCO for his squadron's live fire only)
  6. And ???

    Don't keep us on tenterhooks, did you beat the **** out of the never served civvy ****** or not?
  7. Nope, he bought me a drink and I should have stoved the ***** head in with a mess tin...my bad?
  8. If police "Priority is the safety of members of the public" perhaps they should only make their rare public excursions unarmed.
  9. Is it April already? "they have asked the public not to touch anything they suspect to be a bullet and to immediately call 101"

  10. Pretty harmless unless you have something to squirt them through.
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Technically you would then be in illegal possession of ammunition if you picked it up.