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I have never seen such kit before, a little help guys?

Hey there.

I have never seen a Para dress this way on parade before (we're looking at the Sgt). Is he doing somethnig very strange, or do I just need to be at more events with PARA's in them?

Also, just another small note, I thought PARAs, wore a beret with 2's?

here i the same guy with a chest-full of medals.

P.S. this isn't in the Walt section because I don't want to throw accusations arround which have no basis. For now I'm just assuming this is something perfectly correct which I've not seen before.
He's wearing Maroon trousers...... not a maroon beret....... it's a Cav thing.

Is this a Cadet Detachment? I'm interested cos many of the children are dressed as Coldstreamers.
ahh cheers guys, I thought I might have been missing something massive, turns out, pretty much everything.

the maroon lid fooled me, sorry for wasting time.

You think this is bad, wait til you see the nice chocolate brown jumpers they wear as part of their barrack dress. Truly outstanding fashion sense, this lot.

I remember about 12 years ago they had a band attached to them who wore Thunderbird hats and peach coloured jumpers, anyone else remember them?
brighton hippy said:
color blind
no sense of embarrassment
actually think your aunties Christmas jumper is quite stylish?
theres a career for you in todays cavalry :D
Or he could join the other parts of the army and just look like a sack of shite :)

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