I have just under 6 weeks to prepare for my assessment

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Provided i pass i aim to go on and train to be a paratrooper i was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction for me to follow i haven't done as much training as id like and hope i can make up for it within these 6 weeks i have recorded a 1.2 mile run on a treadmill at 7.47 any help would go along way cheers.
Forget treadmills, hit the pavement and trails.

There are plenty of threads on here for fitness and running. As a search term type in fartlek.

In 6 weeks you should easily be banging out 6 miles in 40 minutes, well I say easily, you’ll be knackered, want to vomit, but you’ll do it.
Like previously said, forget treadmills they lie, get running on the roads but don’t over do it, do work on the cross trainer, rowing machine, bike and do some swimming.
Running on the streets or other really hard surfaces, in the dark , in bad weather, with civvies, mums with prams, dog shit, etc on the ground and in the way, using muscles not used to it is IMHO, a sure fire way to knack yourself and your hamstrings.....

If you have a nice dirt track or path that's unlikely to be rammed with obstacles/things/people in the way use that , if not, there's nothing wrong with a treadmill in the gym, just set it at a minimum of 1% incline .

You need to be able to push yourself hard and bash out 3 milers under 21 minutes and seeing as a 40 year old , i was bashing out 5 milers under 40 minutes (just) with 35lb kit on, best you get your arrse out PDQ.

Don't forget rest days
Running on the streets or other really hard surfaces...........

Don't forget rest days, you havent got enough time!

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