Discussion in 'RLC' started by LCPL-CNUT, Mar 10, 2006.

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  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Your views are most welcome and add so much to the forum.

    Thank you.
  3. after their attempt at EOC in Scotland then i think not. why does a RE Capt have to ask a RLC Capt how to get accomodation on a task?
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    At least we can spell............. :D
  5. Well at least hes being consistent and living up to his username. :wink:
  6. Well it is the RLC Forum and the words "Silk, A, Purse, Sow's Ear, Can't, A, You, Of, Make, Out" spring to mind.

    As to the question in hand, I can't imagine that 'Stacker-in-Chief' would ever allow that to happen; if he did, what on earth would the RLC have left to boast about at RMAS Arms & Services Displays or any other recruiting events? There's only so much excitement that can be generated over CST (even if it does come with Water and Fuel variants!). :)
  7. Because that's what RLC Capts are for, if he had needed a Portaloo he would obviously have asked a Maj.
  8. Ethel

    Are you a LCPL? CNUT
  9. As it happens I'm not. However, I would rather be a LCpl in the RE than a Capt in the RLC. Go and play with your trucks. :)
  10. Sorry, that was a typo, I meant to ask are you LCPL_CNUT?

    Wonder why you were so keen to pop in and slag the RLC off - then I read some of your old posts, where random slagging of Corps other than your own is a common approach. Do you have significant self esteem problems? Was your Daddy a Royal Engineer who forced you to join when your real desire was to do something else? Or perhaps all the girlfriends you ever had ran off with more intersting people from other Arms and Services?

    I assume from your high handed opining on the RLC that you have deep, recent and relevant experience on which to base your jaded opinions? Or are you just an opiniated t wat with nothing useful to add anywhere?

    Just a thought - now go back to your own board and discuss terribly clever bridges and other such fascinating things.
  11. I believe the latter. There are many donuts kicking around this site and most seem to be harmless enough, however, Ethel The Ardvark’s posts seem to contain genuine malice and vitriol. If you hate the RLC so much why do you spend so long perusing its forum?

    As for LCpl, he may be a cnut, but he’s our cnut; sweeping statements, ill thought out reasoning, random outbursts, everything in capitals! Long may it continue fella!
  12. Symptomatic of some Sappers not reading their Corps history or following it's traditional culture. Since when have we had a problem with the RLC? Most of us couldn't care less what EOD get up to and reserve our vitriol for the Royal Artillery - where it belongs!
  13. Now there's an interesting thing, Wedge. All that sharing of mottos and cyphers, eh?

    As it happens, RLC, RE and RA all have their roots in the Board of Ordnance. Worrying to think that we might all be more closely related than we like to think.
  14. Very true Rowley, and of course some of the links are relatively recent i.e the posties and, before that, the RCT movers. However, beyond the normal inter-regimental banter, I can't recall us ever having a particular axe to grind with the RLC or any of it's forming Corps. Having a rival sibling is actually a very healthy thing...

    And, by the way, similar as they may be, the Sapper and Gunner mottos actually have very different meanings. With us it translates as 'Everywhere', with them it is 'All Over the Fcuking Place!'. :D
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