I have got my grubby hands on my Medical Records...Shocked!!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by gettinoutsoon, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. I had an injury during some rehab. I received treatment and was sent on my way. But guess what...no mention of it all in the rehab report. It never ever happened! and strangely enough, it is still causing me problems.

    How can treatment go unrecorded? Is this normal?

    The stuff they write about you in these docs is amazing...and very helpful for the day I complete my War Pensions application. My scanner is going to be busy tonight :)

    Any tips for claiming the War Pension? Who is the best source of help? The British Legion?
  2. Have been informed by OH that British Legion is your best bet for War Pension queries.
  3. Friad so mate,
    I had quite a bad back injury was seen at the orthopaedic out patients clinic at BHM Rintel in 1998 by a professor of orthopaedics advised by him had problems with my disc's. Guess what by the time I got posted back to the UK and just before I elft I get a new med appointment for Gosport no records of me ever having been to Rintel or the likes and funnily enough passed as fit again as no problems at all. Tin foil hat time?
  4. i had a similar experience when i was permanently downgraded. my knees are totally trashed, but according to the doctor's report, he wrote that this is entirely genetic - nothing whatsoever to do with having spent many years in the army, carrying weight, getting injured etc. i could just see in my head "stop him claiming when he leaves!"

    now i know some people may be more (or less) pre-disposed to getting osteoarthritis due to genetics... but pretending that 18 years of army stuff has nothing to do with it is a little far-fetched. years of unit & corps basketball, lots of tabbing with heavy weight when younger, representing unit at cross country and half marathons (on roads). nope, nothing whatsoever to do with it matey!

    think they write these things with one eye on the war pension possibility. i.e. prevent if possible.
  5. I wouldn't put anything past them. If they were up to that sort of trick though, it's the compliance of Army Officers which would sicken me most, as someone in the system who wears green, would have to have knowledge of such an activity.

    Hopefully, there's an explanation for it.
  6. I have a full and detailed copy of my med records, thanks to the Practice Manager at my last unit, who invited me to inspect said docs in the same room as a photocopier.

    Come claim time, guess what?

    "Sorry, son, the system seems to have lost your medical records".

    "Here you go, Doc".
  7. My OH has said the same - he has a full photocopy of his due to a certain sustained injury, "just in case" :wink: and has highly suggested that anyone does the same...
  8. I second (or third) the above advice. When I left HMF all those years ago I was supposedly fully fit etc; this year I had to take a hearing test, and after the Dr had scanned the results asked me how long I'd been in the Army (a fact which is not on record at that location...)

    Apparently there's a signature profile of people my age who've been subject to SLR/Chieftain abuse. Seeing the chart, it appears to be a progressive loss in the upper registers of the right ear.
  9. Apart from blatant negligence with reporting medical treatment given to me the other shocking issue is the lack of continuity of treatment. I have been going through each entry and they have written stuff that simply is NOT true. Then their next entries contradict their last flippant statements. I have had a good read of all the inserts now and nothing adds up. Each entry is like it has been written about a different person. It certainly doesnt reflect me and my current medical state. My eyes have really been opened up by this and would highly recommend a photocopy session when you get near the end.

    As for the British Legion....someone here suggested I contact them. How can they help me? Will I just get an ex-squaddie to chat to or an expert? Advice appreciated :) Ta.
  10. Oh..and where exactly are all the entries for the jabs I was given in Gulf War 1 and 2? On the cover of the med folder there are entries for tetnus and polio etc...but where are the anthrax entries? Not a single mention of them in my folder. It never happened...according to my folder. If I have been injected with chemicals surely there should be a record?
  11. i truly find some of your stories shocking, your docs are supposed to be checked when you go from place to place and any outstanding documentation hastened, the gaps in your medical records maybe due to some med centres being computerised and others not, and others being on the new system and others on the old one, if you want a more concise overview you also need copies of your computerised notes, this may be difficult to obtain if your med centre has transfered to the new system since you left but it is worth a try. Very shocked by how unprofessionally your docs have been handled,its appalling.
  12. You do not have to get your med records on the quiet, you have the right to get a full copy, with no deletions or admissions or changes, whenever you want. The practice manager can print everything off, including any patient documents or attachments, with the click of a button. I have seen it done in under 10 seconds, so if they say it will take them longer than, say, a day to get the records printed off for you is utter shite!
  13. I have to agree with the posters that advocate to maintain your own copies of your med and PERS files.

    I do quite a number of Veteran Affairs appeals here and in most cases, where there has been a claim rejected, it is because of missing pages (or in a frightening frequency - the entire file) in the applicant's files.

    I have even done an appeal to the Canada Pensions for benefits as years of contributions have gone missing. Fortunately, the applicant had kept every one of her pay stubs from her entire service time of 35 years. The government had only credited her with 15 years of contributions. Same goes for your service pension, mistakes can be made. (having all your docs is also handy if you're involved in Family Law litigation, hands up how many of you have had a judge "guesstimate" your earnings on the high side in the absence of historical documents?)

    Also remember to fill out whatever form you require to report an injury (here it's the CF98) and make a copy of it. Although you may feel the injury or accident was minor in nature, you'd be surprised how often they turn into severe health issues later on. Trying to prove you a) sustained the injury while in service and b) that it was treated by a doc to prove the nexus of the injury to the health issue you are claiming without the historical documentation is an uphill climb with butter on your shoes.

    Worried about storing your data/file? Scan it onto a CD, put the CD in a bank safety deposit or fire box. Most courts, tribunals will accept the scanned documents as "best evidence document" now.

    Don't think any of this applies to you? Think again. Recently, the DVA here, deemed that hearing loss was and can be attributed to those who flew/crewed/or maintained the Harvards. Thousands of vets are scrambling to get their records to prove they were involved with that aircraft. Hearing aids aren't cheap, nor are their batteries. And...

    Forty years later, those who were exposed to Agent Orange here in Canada are getting compensated. What if you had been affected and your files were missing info that you had been present when the area was sprayed? How would you prove it? Could you dig your way through the archives to find your proof? Could you wait that long?

    Just because something isn't covered right now, does not mean somewhere in the future that it won't be covered. Easy to make a claim then if you have all your files.
  14. ok this is going to sound wired but i'm suffering from the opersit of what everyone is saying here, i'll explain

    i left HMF in may 2005, and then tried to rejoin with in 2 months, but was told that due to the amount of injurries and being downgraded (P3, but was still doing CFT's the day before my final medical) i would need to suply a years fitness diray and lose weight to meet the BMI, anyway to cut a long sory short i got a nice FTRS post last year to canada, where i got a good look at my med records, it lists 21 injuries to my lower body, that i didn't have, how this has happen i don't know but does anyone know how i can get it sorted? i'm hopefully of to 1 RTR on FTRS soon, so any help would be welcome as i still intend to rejoin

    many thank in advance

  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Having the wrong records or no records is nothing new. In my SCBC report the write up from the Course OC manages to change my name and the total tone of the report in his first paragraph. I'm sure he was writing about someone else as I was promoted on return yet when I read my report courtesy of Glasgow I was astounded. I assume in my glasgow pack there is buried my service med records, I say assume as I certainly didnt read them.