I have got a right shitty on

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Snail, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Mr Dale has not been to see his dog, I know he was posted (JPA Queen) and had leave.

    How do I kill him?
  2. Expand on your randomness - or is that how you do your JPA auditing?
  3. The fucker left me with the dog.
  4. Flog the dog on Flea bay - to a chinaman, I am sure there will be a resturants in Bejing that will snap him up as they are unstandably a bit short with the tourism going on over there. Then arrive him on JPArrse in outer mongolia.

    Job Jobbed
  5. The vet probably has the most humane method.

    Otherwise, you could "forget" that you've tied him to the bumper of your car. 20 minutes along the A1 should guarantee it.

    Or throw sticks across the ranges when there's live firing going on. Spaniels aren't very clever.

    edited to add:

    Loan him to the DS on a Grenade Range. You could run a book on how many he manages to bring back.

  6. I don't think she is asking about killing the dog. My guess is that she wants to kill Mr Dale.
  7. ctauch:

    Nothing to do with your punctuation, it is just that I was not sure what she meant by "How do I kill him?".

    Does "him" mean the dog or Mr Dale? I hope it is not the dog, I like spaniels.
  8. FFS, I say it again, FFS cnuty borrocks Mr Dale left you a weeks supply of walking food. Be grateful. Surely you've got a meat clever and deep freezer. Dogs are little more than smelly shitting hot water bottles unless they are 6ft tall and look like Brad Pitt and can speak English.
  9. Patio mit double up on the shovel chuck...
  10. Stalker more like.
  11. Fuck me they've got Stalker doing an inquiry already, thats quick.