I have found where all the NHS money has gone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by drilller, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. Damn right, kill all wombles

  2. Everyone has a right to life

  3. No, this would breach their human rights

  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-1724542,00.html
    this link takes you to the story

    The NHS in Lewisham are giving the sickies money (£1,000) to buy a pet and the things that go with it.

    What a conplete waste of money, the arguement to back this up is that it helps them stay out of hospital and/or get better.

    This is where the 24p question must be asked surely?

    First benefits, houses, contents and now they even buy your pooch!!!

    What is this country coming too?!
  2. 'youth temps'
  3. Camp Freddie , your post deleted, it's not the Naafi bar.


  4. Fair enough, you might want to look at my reply to the REME thread, ta.
  5. No I saw that , that was just indignation

    Though you might want to remove it, as it does have "Rip it out of me" written rather large all over it? :D
  6. A pet can help in all sorts of ways to keep you healthy, in mind and body.

    What I want to know is where do they get the pets and who ensures they are looked after. Having owned rescue dogs for some years now, this is a matter of great concern to me.
  7. No Sir quite happy for people to 'rip it out of me', saucy
  8. I'm getting on in years...can I have a Penthouse Pet?????????? You know one of those with the fluffy bunny tail
  9. I used to take my Pooch into the local old peoples home. It was like watching the dead come to life. Do not underestimate the power of Pet Therapy on the sick and the elderly. There was this old man who sat staring from the window never moved, never spoke, blind as a bat, but when the dog came in his whole world lit up. We found out he was in the RAF, we tried to find out what he did but he never answered. He and the other aged people loved it when the dog visited, but were in no fit state to look after one of their own. I think the idea of giving individuals £1000 to buy a pet is ludricrous. The plan could be better thought out. Pet Therapy works but not for a grand.

  10. Funnily enough, that isn't actually what the article says. The people are allowed to spend up to £1,000 on things to reduce the likelihood they would have unplanned hospital stays:
    In other words, they're allowed to spend up to £1k on anything that will make them better (likely examples would be better heating, etc.) and the trust is encouraging them to think about pets inside that allowance. Of course, what with them being journalists in search of a story that isn't what the thrust of the article is though...
  11. Knee jerked, wrote my dit, read the article, got my coat and left. :oops:

    Buy them a goldfish.