I have Eczema... will this be a problem?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by andrian007, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Dear all,

    I just did my online medical questionnaire and I answered honestly, that I think I have Eczema. This is purely self-diagnosed and no doctor has ever formally diagnosed it. When winter comes, my skin is very dry and red patches appear. I Googled this condition and I just thought Eczema would best describe the condition. In the meantime, from sports, I have also fractured the top of my left humerus two years ago. This has now fully healed.

    With the above, I want to know what my chances are. I don't mind being confined to only certain roles within the army as long as I am doing something. Your views will be greatly appreciated.
  2. no skin off my nose if you do
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  3. Try a few sunbeds in winter helped me no end.
  4. You aren't a Doctor so cannot diagnose.
    You cannot say truthfully that you have eczema.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much mate. I once went out with a girl who had really bad eczema all over her body………'cracking' set of tits though!!!

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  6. Then you don't have it. This is why doctors spend ages studying, to tell the difference between eczema and a reaction to cheap soap powder/perfumed deodorant
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  7. Bit of advise I got given at my unit. .. dont tell the army doctora

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  8. Bit of advise that I got told by a long serving soldier when I went to my unit, dont tell the army doctors anything, let them find out for themselves.

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  9. ...................Don't listen to this lot of never served wannabe's Adrian!

    Eczema isn't a problem.

    I know lots of Pizza faced slop jockey's & quite a few RLC barrage balloons that have plukey faces!

    You'll be among friends there!
  10. Plukes (acne) has got **** all to do with eczema. What he's being told is that if a doctor hasn't said he hasn't got eczema, then he hasn't got eczema.

    Personally, I don't plan on going to see a doctor ever again; therefore I don't have, nor will have, anything nasty
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  11. As I put down that I had eczema (Which is incredibly mild/rare to appear), along with having a bone break a good decade or so back as a kid on that medical form, I've had an e-mail response stating I'll need evidence/letter from a doctor/nurse/consultant to prove I'm actually not a festering sore/spastic thats a liability to the forces if I wish to continue my app.

    (No indication if its the eczema, or the bone break, however - so, nice and helpful of course.)

    So, theres your answer - don't put it on if you don't want to have to appeal midway through the application.