I have discovered the secret to true happiness!

I have discovered a way to live life in a state of perpetual orgasmic ecstasy, unbothered by the cruel vagaries of life. It's perfectly legal, no drugs involved, no crazy meditation techniques, no change in diet or beliefs or lifestyle. It's healthy, no side effects, no hangover, just pure bliss round the clock, 24/7. :D

Problem is, I can't articulate the secret method in words. There's no verbal way to demonstrate how I've achieved this state. As much as I'd like to disclose the mystery to you all it resists all known forms of communication.

So... ummm.. yeah, sorry about that.
I discovered true happiness in 1989 when given my first lesson on the L7 General Purpose Machine Gun. I attained true ecstacy when I first got to fire it.

And discovered Purgatory when I had to clean it.
manwitash said:
everyone knows that happiness is a cigar called Hamlet..............
It worked for Monica.

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