I have been over paid.

Morning all, I'm in need of a bit of advice. I appear to have been over paid this Month. I stopped contracting for a company in August and I have checked my online bank and they appear to have paid me for Sepember even though I left the company in August! I have been 500 miles away from the office and not submitted ANY time sheets.

Can I charge them a handling fee for returning the funds?
Check your original contract of employment.
Were you paid in arrears,if so any work you did in August,would be credited to you in September,otherwise get in touch with them to clear it up and get agreement on who takes the hit on any charges!
August should have been my last pay check from them. They have paid funds into my account as if I still work for them.
I'd put it into a separate high interest account and see if they pay you for October as well. If they do bank that as well and then tell them you have noticed the discrepancy. I'm not saying you shouldn't pay it back, but hey they are obviously not very bright if they are paying you with no time sheet checks.

But, it's probably not legal...

To be fair to them they are a thick as a whale burger with extra cheese. They are also one of the biggest agencies in Europe.
Got over paid at the TA once and the clerk was swift on getting it paid back.

Hence why should I not charge a company I no longer have any ties with to sort out an accountancy issue.
Pop it in your number two account to garner interest and then wait until they ask for it back...until the end of your tax year when pay it back!
High interest savings account and then give it back to them very slowly when they contact you.

Apologise for not noticing the error but obviously take into account any future work you may or may not get from them.
I have called them up, explained the situation then their fire alarm went off. Is this God telling me to open an ISA?
yes he is youve told them now so wait for them to make the next move
I have got through to them and told them that I will send them a cheque back minus a charge for my time sorting out their problem (with fancy invoice of course)
The Manager of Pay Role just said "yeah, just pop a note in with it".

So how much should I charge them in time and bank charges?
10 pounds for cheque.
1 pound post and pack.
10p per minute of phone calls.
10 pounds handling fee.
1 pounds per mile of travelling (for posting letter and buying envelope pen and stamp).
5 pounds lost time for above.
15 pound incoveinece charge.
Put it all on Red
Juast charge them your day rate.

NB I always charge a day for "a day or part there of" to my clients but I sugar the pill by letting them ask lots of tiny wee straight questions and having a reasonable day rate anyway. So far only one bloke complained. As a result he ended up with a pile of timesheets of my own fiendish devising and about 1200 quid more than he would have paid. He even gave me another contract!
How much did the agency charge you in fees???
How much time / effort will it take sorting it out??

Take their fee and add to it your normally hourly rate + the charge for posting via special delivery. (make sure any charges are reasonable though) Also, have you paid tax & NI on it or had any other deductions taken from it as these all have to be taken into account before giving them the money back.

Happened to me once, got paid 2 months salary - paid tax and ni on the whole lot, pension etc....., rang and spoke to payrole and they wanted a months salary including deductions back. After some 'polite' conversation, she worked out how much I had to pay back.....
Put it in a high interest account and wait for them to ask for it back. Simple really. Why bend over to return them the money as they obviously don't miss it.
If I were you I'd check this out. This happend to my uncle and upon research there were certain circumstances where you do not have to pay it back. Can't remember what they were, may be after a certain ammount of time? Definitely worth a bit of research though.

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