I have a weekend pass and dont know what to do with it.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Vegetius, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. This is novel.

    1. By some strange confluence of cosmic chance, ley lines and stuff I have the entire weekend off of work, sans pager (we are on top of the modern comms world, still have a grey plastic pager the size of a house brick).

    2. Mrs. Veg and Veglet are going to visit family, and I have been excused.

    Like many men with young families, my weekends off usually involve Fixing Stuff, assembling IKEA furniture and wrestling with small child. Now, however, a new vista of boundless opportunity awaits but I find myself strangely bereft of ideas as what to do with it. I have decided that the "Slab-of-Lager-and-epic-Porn DVD-athon" option is a bit old.

    How can I best develop myself culturally and spiritually this weekend, then? I'm sure if anybody can help then you lot can.

  2. Go Walt-hunting! See if you can track down the urban ninja known as 'Pte' Golden! :D
  3. Not a bad idea, Dozy, but hardly a challenge for even my marginal detective skills as he's posted his H/A on the internet.

    No, I'm looking for something even more.....enervating.

  4. Come to Edinburgh for the Northen crawl!

  5. Return ticket to Edinburgh!!!!!
  6. Make your self a skin tight custom with cape and become the local nieghbourhood hero/crime buster?

    Find out the telephone numbers of all the telesales offices, by a pay as you go and crank call them?

    Do something sensitive and loving for Mrs V's return?

    Nah .. slab of lager and a porn dvd-thon sounds good :p

  7. Edinburgh? That's North isn't it? Is it near Luton? That's a maybe then :D

  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    See how much of your old kit you can sell to walts on ebay?

    (when my dad died and left me nothing but debts and some of his stuff we managed to make enough for a wee holiday selling his and most of my kit on ebay!)
  9. You lucky lucky barsteward (said in Spike Milligan voice)

    I used to dream about having a weekend pass, instead I'll do my usual rounds of taxi driver, grass cutter - oh and this week chief cough'er upper and taker to the firework display.

    Still, could have been worse - could have been a crab!!
  10. To what extent are you prepared to blur the boundaries of legality, morality and good taste V?

    After all, theres fun, and then theres F U N !!! :wink:
  11. Get a book on Knitting. Apparently it'll keep you amused for ages. Ahem. I give you....

    Knitting is more popular today than it has been for decades--it's been called "the hot new hobby" and even "the new yoga." The latest generation of knitters thrives on quick projects that are creative, fulfilling, and relaxing--and can fit into a busy lifestyle. Weekend Knitting collects 50 unique, innovative projects and ideas for the beginning-and intermediate-level knitter, many of which can be made in a weekend or less. Every project is presented in full-color photographs and with clear instructions. Weekend Knitting also features beautiful photos shot in and around real homes, evoking perfect knitting weekends filled with fresh air, friends, and delicious food.
  12. Come to Edinburgh!!!

    You know you want to :)
  13. How much of my old kit have I got left? Hmmm. I've got three berets (QUEENS, WESSEX, Int Corps), an Int Corps stable belt, a black plastic mug & waterbottle, an S10 respirator bag, a mouldy pair of ancient BCH (size eleven) and my 1980's pattern, completely knackered SAS-stylee DPM windproof smock. And three green woolly army socks (ahem).

    If I write "A. McNab, 22 SAS" in felt-tip on the inside of all this stuff I'm sure a couple of thousand quid might be winging it's way to me via WaltBay.

    That's one idea, might kill an hour or two.

    Any more?

  14. Recreate the days of your youth by having a skip emptied into your bedroom and your toilet professionally blocked.

    Enjoy the pleasures of night driving by blacking out your windscreen.

    Fool your neighbours into thinking you've had a house fire by putting an old mattress and some furniture in your front garden (this one courtesy of VIZ).

    Erm... I'm sure there must be more...
  15. I Think Dales free this weekend??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????