I have a space at harrogate as an infantryman can i change to another role?

Could someone please give me some advice on what is the best way to change roles. I have been offered a place in the infantry after passing Pirbright but the REME presentation got me very interested in their role.

Many Thanks,

Have you asked the question to your recruiter? He might have the answers.
What I don't want to do is be seen as trouble maker or problematic so early in my career. Therefore, before I make a formal approach i would like to know how other people have fared.


Not sure how much things have changed sine i was there in 2000, but there were no REME cap badges there at all(as i said that could have changed now). If you do want to change you wont go to Harrogate i don't think, so you need to speak to your recruiter straight away. The longer you leave it the more you will **** him around.
Your career hasnt even started yet, you dont have any Army 'record' and as such will not be held account by the Army for being an admin' case. Its your life and your choice, make sure its the best for you. Target stop is right, do it know and there is less hassle for the Recruiter. I was conned at sutton coldfield into joining the R.SIGS. Regretted ever since, the blokes were great by and large, the Corps however..................

(Plus REME, have transferrable skills.)
Speak to the recruiter.

Nothing is concrete yet, and this is YOUR life, YOUR career and YOUR responsibility to get right. The recruiter will give advise, but YOU are the one tha tneeds to make the choices.
Have you signed the paperwork stating that your are going Infantry?
It was explained to him on another thread the lack of VM places at Winchester (full up to March 2012) so age might of come into it, also consideration that he required D grades English lang, Maths, Science and if he had right BARB and TST results plus other eligability requirements at ADSC plus permission off the ADSO.

As the op says he as discussed it and is aware of the JOB OFFER LETTER he signs prior to Phase 1

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