I have a scholarship for Sandhurst........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ArmyYid, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Mrs AY has got me into this Apprentice malarky, hence I have just watched that utter cnut Ben declare he is brilliant and used that he has a scholarship to RMAS as indication of that.....

    Lord help us if Offr recruiting is impressed by the self serving drivel spouted by this tosser

    Rant over
  2. I saw that and wondered if he'd get through the gates in future...

    He's the type who'd get more than a few chats without coffee because of his attitude and struggle to convince anyone he deserves to get to Capt.
  3. When did RMAS start doing scholarships?
  4. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    *Assuming no-wah*
    At least in the mid-90s.

    Basically they give you a place in advance (can be up to 7 years before you actually get there) and also some dosh in return for you completing an SSC.
  5. Jesus! and he's Irish too - embarrassment to the nation.

    Would have been a good bullet catcher if nothing else!
  6. Ive run into this bell-end a few times in the toon. He is a cnut, pure and simple. He played 4th XV university rugby and was a 'self styled' Gavin Henson lookalike. Whilst at uni he was a 'greeter' at Tiger Tiger -basically that wanker with the clipboard that lets all the fanny in a club ahead of everyone in the queue.

    I seriously doubt he had a 'scholarship' to the Factory whilst he was at uni. Lies.
  7. So why didn't he go (to Sandhurst) then? He told everybody he is a trainee stockbroker. Something don't smell right here!
  8. Surely you get a scholarship for University or Sixth form it is not a 'Sandhurst scholarship' it does mean you've got a place, but calling it that makes it seem like you ... get paid to go there..... I've got a Sandhurst scholarship too!
  9. And was fired from Brewin Dolphin for being an cnut, apparently.
  10. says it all really

  11. Seen as well - (another closet capitalist viewer) :D

    (and omegahunter must have friends in low places) - but makes the point well. :!:
  12. Sheer brilliance

    ''I have a scholarship for sandhurst''
    ''Did you do it''

    was trying to find the video clip but cant find anymore but TV Gold :twisted:
  13. Maybe it was his undercrackers when he realised ARRSE was on the case
  14. Apprentice Walt then?
  15. I thought being a cnut was the qualification to get a job at Brewin Dolphin. Bunch of tw@s.