I have a problem

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Snow_White, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. Oxygen dependency.

    My whole life revolves around it. I've talked to some of my friends and they say it's OK, normal even. But it's worrying. I can't go longer than a couple of minutes without a fix.

    Thanks for all advice.
  2. do what most politicians do, stick your head up your arrse, problem solved
  3. Breathe in.....................................and Breathe out


  4. Don't take that appartment you've been looking at on Mars
  5. I tried it, its over-rated, Im sticking to Stella 8)
  6. What if I don't inhale it?

    Does that mak it less of a problem?
  7. My dear Snow_White

    There is a saying in Australia that if something is clean, it is "as clean as Snow White's arrse". How clean is that?
  8. Yes it is less of a problem if you don't inhale, but if you swallow; well you would be amazed at what it can do for the skin
  9. Best ask the dwarves.
  10. Less of a problem for you, maybe, Snow White. But think of all the passive breathers around you - you should be ashamed! :x