I Have A Lot To Be Grateful For Because....



Ok. I fully understand if the Mods move this thread. I just am not sure what heading to put it under and I am seriously not trying to do a p*** take on anyone.

As I am retiring from the Regular Force of the Canadian Forces, I have been taking stock of my past 27 years of service. And my conclusion is that I am a pretty G-Dd-mn lucky SOB that should be kissing the Earth I have the privilege to live on as well as kissing the asses of each and every soldier/sailor/airperson that provides for me.

My situation is that I have a beautiful, dedicated wife, two kids that (for now) adore me and listen to what I tell them, have moved into the style of house that would be described as a "manor" in the UK, and have friends and family that respect and admire me (for some unknown reason). I am really not a man of remarkable talents (I achieved the rank of Sergeant in the Canadian Forces) and am of mediocre intellect. Yet I realize that a great portion of my exceptional good fortune is directly traceable to a vast number of soldiers overseas. So, I would like to pass on a very sincere "thank you" to each of them.

And I would ask that anyone that may think they lead a blessed life add a "thank you" to the troops that help to provide that life. As well, I would ask that you drop a fiver ($5CAD, $5USD, 5GBP, or 5 Lindor shit-nickels) in support of the troops. Personnally, I am dropping a few dollars in for Tim Horton's coffee for the troops (Canucks will understand). As well, I would like to extend a "Thank You" to each person that reads this thread and has ever worn their country's uniform. I am very lucky, and it is because of folks like you that I am as blessed as I am. Your humble friend.....


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