I have a few questions. ANY help is greatly appreciated!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DoubleTShiftty, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi,
    Well basically, I am 16 years old and will be signing up for service in the British Army at the start of 2009. By this time i will be 17 and a half. The reason i am leaving it until next year, is... I was advised to, because as far as I am aware, the Army only accept people that have had 'Spent' criminal sentences. Basically, I got into a spot of trouble around 2 months ago, and head a court hearing for it... and eventually received a 'Referal Order'. I was assured that because I haven't a long history of criminal offences, I was okay to sign up when I had served my sentence. The refferal order was given for 12 months, hense why i am signing up when it finishes, at the beginning of next year.
    IF I pass all the intial assesments and am accepted, will the regiment I'm assigned to be based on my Location, I live in East Yorkshire, so would I be assigned to the Yorkshire Regiment?
    Also, I am very eager to see the action in Afghanistan, or similar countries, so I can follow in the footsteps of my late Relative Pte L. Simpson, who was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb.
    What are the chances of me actually seeing action in the Middle-East? I know of 3 people ALL on tour in Afghanistan, but do know know what Regiment or Battalion they are in (see my question above, about not being sure about the conditions surrounding assigned regiments). As far as I am aware the only Battalion in the Yorkshire Regiment that are serving in Afghanistan at the moment is 2nd Battalion.
    Also, finally, does anybody know, roughly, when the Operations in Afghanistan are expected to end, as of now?... Because if I did go on Operations in the Middle-East, I obviously wouldn't be going 'til my 18th Birthday, which is on June 26th 2009.

    Sorry if you get lost, but i tend to get carried away whilst explaining things, I try and make them as clear as possible, but have a tendency to complicate my explanations in doing so!
    As always, any help is GREATLY appreciated, because I am eager as far as serving in the British Army is concerned. I want to turn my life around for the better, and offer myself a good career. :D
  2. My bold

  3. you will probably have a chance to go to iran in the near future....

    i heard that kosovo is about to kick off again also ...
  4. The regiment you join is basically tour own choosing i think, but regional regiments such as the Yorkshire Regiment will focus all of there recruitment on the area they are from obviously. Its a good idea as it give each regiment their own identity. This however does not meant you have to join that infantry regiment, you could go Rifles or Para or even one of the Guards regiments.

    Any of these infantry regiments will see numerous tours in the next few years. But if its tours you want dont think you have to join an infantry regiment as the British Army is pretty stretched at the moment so pretty much all corps and arms are on pretty regular tours. Maybe think about a trade that will offer you something extra. Good luck though
  5. Make sure that any advice you take notice of is GOOD advice and from a good, reliable source. If your questions are well constructed with good grammar, correct spelling etc, you will receive excellent advice from some clued-up guys on here.
    If you want the full explanation reference your `wrongdoings`, then go to your local Army Careers Office and be completely honest with them. I doubt you will shock them as they will have come across most situations, believe me. They will give you all the information and help you need.
    Remember, be honest...and good luck!
  6. Thanks alot for your reply's everyone. As i said above it is much appreciated. All I have to do now is work on my Fitness. I think I will be able to handle the discipline side of things, but there is no knowing until I actually join.
    I am glad them few things are cleared up, and that is good news about future tours and what not, because I am very keen to get to the Middle-East. I was actually wanting to join the Infantry.
  7. There is no way your a possible recruit...

    You can spell!
  8. Well, I'm not a complete idiot if thats what you mean...
  9. Good on you. Hope you do well and put your year before signing up to good use. Certainly a more respectful poster than some of the gobshites that come on here thinking they've already earned their stripes before walking into the Careers Office.
  10. Yeah, i can imagine.. Hopefully they just get teared to shreads, so to speak, by other posters. Because obviously they need to put in their place. The way i see it, there is no point at all in acting like something your not because you will soon get shown otherwise by somebody, especially as far as the Army concerned, not just general Life. I can't imagine you can go in with the attitude that some people have been showing and get away with it...
  11. Some people get what you might call an attitude adjustment!

    But then to be fair, some of the 'clued' up guys on here seem to wade into subjects they know not alot about or have second hand knowledge.

    If you have any more in depth questions then ask at your careers office, if they cant answer your question and are any good they will find you someone who will. alternatively as you seem set on the Infantry, try there dedicated forum. Should be able to get some good advice there from serving soldiers in any regiments you may be interested in.
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