I have a favour to ask from anyone in the Postal Unit

Sorry to barge in on the forum, I did ask Gen Melchy what would be the best way to approach this and he suggested just putting a post up.

Last December, I put up for auction the offer to make a quilt. The quilt was won by Armchair Jihad and he kindly donated it to Selly Oak when it was finished. Around March, the idea came up to offer folks on here a way to donate and see something for their kind donation - the Wet Patch was created.

We got just over 50 requests for patches and they raised approximately 3000 bucks for Help Them Out.

Many donors had memorial patches designed and sewn onto the quilt and this is where I'd like some help from the posties.

Last November, a young postie named L/Cpl Sarah Holmes was killed in a RTA in Qatar. Her death was noted by the Canadian Forces Postal Unit in a memo to all personnel.

When the patches came up, the CFPU wanted to donate a patch in memory of Sarah. Her fellow posties from Canada wanted to let her unit and family to know that she won't be forgotten. Their CO thought it was a wonderful way to donate and ensure that Sarah was remembered.

Her patch is as follows:

and it appears on the left side of the top row in the first position of the Selly Oak quilt:

The pic was taken at the CFPU in Trenton.

Would anyone who is a postie please pass this on to her unit and if it is appropriate, could they let her family know as well.

We are all brothers/sisters in arms - no matter where we are in the world.

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