I have a dirty confession to make.


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Up here, north of the Border we have two votes. One for constituency MSP and one for the also-rans known as List MSPs.

My first vote for constituency will be for Labour, tactical in that I want to try and unseat the incumbent, and useless, SNP guy. He has a large majority though so it will take quite a lot to ditch him.

Second vote will be for SC&U, where my first vote would have gone if there was a chance for the Tory guy.
I Followed a similar logic in the polling booth

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I voted Conservative.
The idiots in the bay have had 20 years of buggering things up.

One of the other votes had a list of about 20 candidates, you could choose 2..Conservative and the Independent for that.
Plaid. I CANNOT seriously vote for a party whose leader has two furry ginger caterpillars as eyebrows. If you can't keep yourself looking tidy, how can you be trusted to run the country.

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I think my confession is possibly much worse than the OP

I have not voted! First time ever. Been occupied building the grandkids a mahoosive wooden wendy house, took all day.

By the time they had been to see it and have fun, before going home, i could not be bothered to walk the 300 yards to the polling station.

I fell slightly grubby, but i think i will be over it by breakfast
Don't feel too bad about it. Here in NI I mostly have a choice between creationist loon or revolutionary socialist.
Still, wee Jeffrey Donaldson's a good MP.
I voted for anyone except the Communists!
I had 4 to vote for:

PCC - Spoiled ballot - Waste of time and money - Never hear or see from it unless there's some (insert woke cause de jour) sh*t parade / protest it can be photographed out and about with, preferably with unicorns and rainbow lanyards - No f*cking use and should be abolished for what good it does.

Local Councillor - Spoiled ballot - Waste of time / never heard of any of the candidates / no idea what they stand for as no one can be ar*ed to canvas in my area as it's a foregone conclusion - No point either as locals would vote for a pig's ar*e if it wore a Labour rosette (and usually do).

Regional Mayor - Spoiled ballot - Waste of time and money - No f*cking use and should be abolished for what good it does - No point either as again locals would vote for a pig's ar*e if it wore a Labour rosette (and usually do).

City Mayor - 1 vote for the independent candidate, no second vote - Apart from this chap, (who runs a centre for disadvantaged children and families behind where I live and is a decent chap who stood as a protest vote against the Labour mafia in charge), all the rest of the candidates from all of the parties are the usual tired, self-serving bunch of t*ssers who have ran a once proud city into the ground with corruption and party politics. Unfortunately, despite the last Labour Mayor and several of his cronys being arrested following a 5 year investigation into corruption and the government sending commissioners in to run the city, the locals will once again vote for a pig's ar*e wearing a Labour rosette.

And that, my fellow ARRSErs, is how democracy works in the People's Democratic Republic of Scouseland.

Aren't you glad you defended my right to live in a one party state from the godless hordes of the Soviet 3rd Shock Army?
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You get the politicians you vote for...
Isn't that enough? :???:

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For the London mayor election I went for something different, radical, a step away from the parade of identikit suited snake oil salesmen seen to date, gammon and Stalinists. Count Binface it was then.


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would you adam an eve it / our local county councilor is slated week after week in facebook groups for being an idle useless twat. Guess what , yup they all voted the pratt back in . Hes already had a pop taken at him for our potholes he just posted a link to Essex county councils highways dept . I do despair


I've just taken a look at the candidates for my area.

They all appear to be fuckwits.

You should have put your missus forward buddy, her photo would have drawn them to the hustings like plagues of starving locusts

Admittedly, they would have been there to oggle her and not to promise her their vote, but the hundreds of thousands in every crowd would have un-nerved those communist bastards into running for the hills. (Maybe the mines? Actually the mines are probably better. They can be sealed up).

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