I have a dirty confession to make.

I think this is worth a thread of its own. Any photos?

Ha! I wish there were, lovely girl I knew back then with that awfully well spoken cut glass accent. She ended up marrying an officer, I bumped into her in BAOR a few times about 10 years later. You can never quite flush that mental picture of a curvy, upmarket goer, wearing an evening gown, wellies, and a thong at a combined young conservatives and young farmers do - me in a 3 quid Oxfam sourced double breasted dinner jacket.

Christmas function out Cirencester way, lurid thoughts I wouldn't object to flitting through my mind when I am karking it.


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I cast my three votes for labour ,we have in this area actually lives in my village an essex county councillor hated by all who continually gets voted back in. Ive made a bet with myself that when he is re elected the very same people who voted for him will back on t internet saying how crap he is !!


The coat is judiciously angled to hide the stretch marked gunt that would come flobbing out like a sarlack pit with an elephant's foot the second you remove any tension.

Fussy so and so.
I was just curious what would happen so I thought I'd go in and see.
As it turned out it was a bit of a flop, just the pointless PCC and 2 chances to get that right for reasons I cant quite understand
In my defence I did save my wife and told her not to bother as it was the pointless PCC election so you couldn't even vote Green to annoy the hopeless main parties.
Brings a whole new meaning to first past the post.

Why did you do this - even Starmer's not voting Labour. Did Angela Rayner promise to do unspeakable things?
Angela Raynes does unthpeakable thingth.

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