I have a cunning plan.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armourer, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. ...to get at Blair;

    1. catch a dose of the old willy rot

    2. bonk the wide mouthed frog who would then catch fanny rot

    3. wide mouth frog passes willy rot onto Blair

    4. it's then possible that Blair would pass on willy rot to his cronies

    Cunning plan or what :wink:
  2. Good scheme, that'll sort Mandelbum out and no mistake! :twisted:
  3. it depends wether you could shag the manky old crow without chucking up all over her , i mean my standards have been known to be low in the past , but if it hinges on shagging someone who looks like one of the aliens from the "smash" adverts then i think it'll fail , soz. :(
  4. "Paper bag" :!:
  5. not nearly enough mate , still i suppouse you could always flip it over and back scuttle it , ok the plans back on :D
  6. Bin liner x10 and a gallon of 100% pure surgical spirit. Even then Id still rather pop me bits on the Edinburgh-London mainline.
  7. Wouldn't it be simpler to hire an assassin? There are many well-qualified candidates in NI, most of them available for work because Bliar released them early from their prison sentences.

    Alternatively, the latest defence cuts will result in yet another large pool of ex-servicemen, most of whom would probably do the job for nothing.
  8. Either that or one bag each - but the back doors would work, just as long as there aren't any mirrors around :!:
  9. Flash , would you be drinking the surgical spirit neat , or with orange juice???
  10. I thought, drink a case of special brew, wear a welders mask and if the wide mouth frog could make sheep noises..........
  11. would we be kicking them in?
  12. Might this cunning plan also include passing the willy rot to a flamming bush?

    Might some kind arrse post a likeness of the wide mouth frog? I would like to measure and compare something with a yard stick . . .
  13. not even close GQ i've no piccy to post but compared to "the blair witch"
    that gob is like a puckered sh*thole.
  14. Absolutely :!:
  15. The wide mouth frog is the one in the middle (just in case you weren't sure)