I have a conundrum......

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ozduke, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Go for it - she'll come round eventually.

  2. Stay put and enjoy life as SO2 Tea & biscuits.

  3. Bin the wife and go on my own!

  1. I have just been called by my career manager and he's offered me a Coy Comd slot in a new Bn! Great prospects etc, especially as I only pick up in Jan - that's the way they do it here, Comd on promotion! Don't ask.

    However, the conundrum is that the job's in Darwin - miles and miles away from anywhere. Now that's not too much of an issue in itself, but my wife has a proper job too - earning more than the pittance the Army pays me. What’s more, after our move from the UK we’ve just started to put down some roots where we currently are and I’m very keen to stay put, or at least move somewhere with a bit of civilisation around us!!

    My conundrum is – do I kick the Coy Comds job (and the rest of my potential career over here) into touch or take the job and be damned?!

    Any assistance in making my decision would be gratefully received and any flack will be good for morale!
  2. some Aussie help for you sir!!!! follow link

  3. Thank you for that enlightened post boris....

    Oz, have you actually spoke to your old lady about this? I think that should be the place to start!

    T C
  4. Of course - long into the night!
  5. Is it me, or is Boris7 just popping up on every thread with that youtube nonsense?

    What is the wife's opinion Oz? Is she willing to put her thing on hold while you do yours? Or could you do unaccompanied?
  6. Oz,

    I imagine that you went down under for a life of stability rather than the f**k about the British Army entertains. It may be a good job but you clearly have a good family who have followed you out there - put them first!
  7. I'm just surprised you didn't do what most people do, accept the job and claim you've been sent there by the army and theres nothing you can do about it.
  8. All good points raised - notwithstanding the Youtube nonsense, and I thank you all!!

    Still yet to decide. Things are a tad more flex over here as it's such a bloody big country, and they appear to understand that sometimes other halves have careers too. Unaccompanied is a different proposition when it's a 7 hour flight home! That said, you now get 6 free flights a year!

    Mmmmm - conundrum. (Good word isn't it by the way!?)
  9. Any more thoughts?!
    Win -win
    wife keeps career , as do you, and lets be honest Coy cmd jobs take up fair bit of time, so realistically how much would you see of each other initially?
    and like you say 6 flights a year, every home visit a fun one, and there's always t'interweb for daily contact
  11. How long a posting would it be? Also do you have kids?

    If its only a 2 yr one, then id say crack on, but if its more like 5 or you have kids then i'd probably not! And who earns more, who's career is the more valuable in the long term?
  12. I'm not sure people realise how pump Darwin is!
  13. Also, on the career front, what happened to the last two occupants of the post?. e.g both promoted, both retired, both went mad ?
  14. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I'm with Darthspud on this one. It isn't forever, only 18 months to 2 years and you keep your career. Admittedly, I recently left the Army but I am doing a 'weekly boarder' job where I am away from home during the week - best of both worlds IMHO.
  15. Surely it is the people you work with means more than the location, I would far rather work with a good team in a shit place than work with a bad team in a good place.

    I would also think the length of the posting would be an important factor, and equally as has also been suggested does it improve your chances of progress in the system. Equally an aparently shit posting could well be a test of your committment to your new army, foul up now and your career may well be over.