I have 2 WW2 Kukri knives

A Great Uncle died recently and while clearing his house I came across 2 Kukri knives that he'd got hold of from his time fighting Johnny Foreigner in World War 2. Theres also a British Bayonet.
The knives are pretty rusty and the sheaths are in rag order (the bayonet is in excellent order, damn the govt for buying the SA80!).

My question is, what should I do with the Kukris? I had to donate my Iraqi AK47 bayonet to the War museum as the police informed me that if I used it on any would be house content liberator (thieving gypsy b'astard) Id get nailed for having it.

Although I was in Hong Kong and also served in Sierra Leone with the Gurkhas I dont believe I could honestly clean them up and have them on show as a momento of the time spent with you buggers as they belonged to a dead relly from an age long gone.

All advice welcome.

I have Gurkha (real not British) LE officers either side of my quarter that I can go to if you have some top ideas.

Dhanybhad (I hope!!)
If there is an interesting story behind them, maybe the Gurkha museum in Winchester would take them.

Failing that, clean them up, and and put them in a box in the attic. If they aren't readily available they aren't really that dangerous.... obviously the various pr1cks in power and police will try to tell you otherwise.
Is it by any chance a lee enfield no 9 bayonet (ie similiar to a SLR bayonet.. - not that Im attempting to patronise you) as Im after one for my dad for his de-activated No 4 model LE .303 ... If so whats the price your asking ? Or would a suitable donation to H4H be more applicable ?

Pics would be nice if you could send them...
ExScaley, PM me your email and Ill send you a pic.

Chocy, As for interesting stories, the only bloke who had his ashes scattered in the sea at Portrush, NI!
What about donating them to your great uncles regimental museum? They tend to like that sort of thing especially if its got a bit of personal history of one of their old and bold attached to it.
I have a Kukri, WW2 British bayonet, WW2 German Bayonet and several other nice knives. Im not a weird knife collector they were left to me.

My point is: Am I doing something illegal by having these in my possesion? I dont carry them in my trench coat or even let them leave the shed. Should I be worried about a visit from the local plod?
There's nothing illegal about possessing knives. There are a few specific types that are banned, mainly those that can be concealed.

Having them ready to hand for the purpose of setting about itinerant house-breakers will be frowned upon.


get them box mounted with a capbadge and little history of the previous owner, make a great wall display, when bored donate it.
Filbert Fox said:
The bayonet that I thought was British is in fact a German WW2 Anton Wingen jr Solingen bayonet!
Bugger !! best I keep on searching then ! No worries FF, but I do agree with the others... donate or auction.. well, your choice really !
Hi Filbert, if you want to keep them but have them restored it is something i do as bit of a hobby, i would be more than happy to work on them and you just cover postage and cost of materials or if you decide to sell i would be interested, drop us a line whatever you decide,

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