I ******* hate to admit it, but Gary Neville is an excellent football pundit.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. I can't hide it any longer. I'm a lifelong Liverpool fan and I hated the twat at Manure. I thought Gary Neville would be a partisan little shit when analysing games, and that I would hate hearing him give his opinions on football... but I was wrong.

    He's balanced, talking positively about former rivals and being scathing about his former club - whatever is appropriate to the analysis. His insights and current inside knowledge of the modern game are fantastic. When he talks, I actually listen, because I know he's probably going to say something that will increase my understanding and appreciation.

    He doesn't talk in generic, vague terms. He picks out individuals and says what they're doing right and wrong - and gives insights that you just don't possess unless you've played the game at the highest level. Alan Hansen's indisputable knowledge is now rather dated; Neville's is bang up to date, and he's played with or against most of the players he discusses.

    He explains the systems of different teams, with the authority of having played them and prepared for them. He doesn't shy away from difficult questions, and gives thoughtful, honest opinions. I hate to say it, and it will probably be regarded as sacrilege by my fellow Liverpool fans... but he's the best pundit on TV right now, bar none.

    Gary Neville - you were a **** as a player and a rival, but you've risen above it as a pundit. Keep it up, you make the analysis worth watching all on your own.

    I'm going to go and take a shower now. I feel dirty.

    Couple of examples, if you've not watched the Manc twat before :)

    Man City breaking teams down:
    Gary Neville: Manchester City - Breaking Teams Down - YouTube

    Diving masterclass:
    Gary Neville Masterclass on diving Sky MNF - YouTube
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  2. Mark Lawrenson is a massive, massive bellend though.
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  3. 'Maybe we can get on with the football now'. Quote from that prick at the end of a 'Justice for the 96' protest at Anfield during an FA Cup tie vs Arsenal. That ****'s no more one of us than Gary Neville.

  4. You're talking out of your clacker sunshine. GN is an excellent and impartial pundit.

    Lawrenson - closet gay useless biased unfunny ****
    Hansen - twat. Scottish twat.
    Thompson - big nosed, biased, useless and shit arsehead cunty fuckstick
  5. Gary Neville is a blue....is a blue.

  6. I can confirm that. Best mate while going through Uni, topped up his bank with Silver Service waiting at a posh hotel. Lawrenson, and Michael Owen were massive *****, looked down on all the staff, stingy tip.
    Best two he dealt with, were Beckham and the late Sir Bobby Robson. Beckham turned up with posh and a couple of kids, (few years ago). Posh pushed some food around the plate, and said **** all. Becks spent most of the time between courses, going round the other tables having his picture taken with other diners and their children, all round great bloke to deal with.
    Sir Bobby was a total gentleman, apparently, the sort of person you've just met and talked to, but you already want to do your best for him.
    Neither great tippers either, but as my mate put it, that didn't matter when there as easy to deal with as them.
  7. I would sooner suck the sweat from Hansens nutsack after he's played 90mins then listen to Mark lawrenson, I ******* loathe the paedo looking shitcunt, his voice is tantamount to torture, his knowledge of the modern game is non existent and he has a head I wouldn't piss on were it on fire, the ******* utter shitkicker.

    Nevilles alright though.
  8. what pisses me off is the bbc/sky think the only league in football is the premiershit.
    what about league 1 & 2?
    where did joe hart learn his trade before his move to the big time, it was in league 2 with shrewsbury town!
    look after the lower league clubs as not all talent is home grown!
  9. ******* hell, you going to start on the scottish sunday league shite as well next?
  10. They're all fucktards
  11. Do football posts have special dispensation for NAAFI language outside the NAAFI? Just wondering, like...... Thread started by a MOD as well. Tut tut!
  12. **** off you ladyboy shagging twunt.
  13. How can you comment on Alan the twat Hanson without turning into a tourettes victim?
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  14. Agree with this. Took my lad to see Shrewsbury Town v Colchester Utd around 7 years ago now in the FACup. Hart was playing. My lad still has the programme and, though he was only 4 at the time, still talks about that game.

    Hate to say it, but agree with the OP re Neville as well.
  15. To be completely honest, I'm not sure whether Gary Neville is a good pundit, or it's the fact that
    all the other pundits are terrible.
    I mean, how do the MOTD etc. pick these bloody players? Shearer has all the personality of mud,
    Jamie Redknapp's trousers don't leave much to the imagination, Garth Crooks is a tool, and the less said about
    the band of Scousers the better. The only decent ones are, as said before, Neville and Dixon.
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