I hate the Welsh.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nastyberganchafe, May 30, 2011.

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  1. The title says it all.

    The most miserable bunch of whining, retarded emotional cripples I have ever met.

    Fuel my hatred.

    Tell tales.
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  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Better be careful or Porridge Gun/MDN will be along to sort you out - he is Welsh!!! :)
  3. Odd. They always spoke kindly of you, sir.
  4. Someones either had their hoop fingered by a lovely Taff boyo, or their missus has been ruined by a troop of close harmony singing choir members.

    Feed my eroticism. Tell your tale.
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  5. I was in a corner of the cookhouse at Sennybridge a few years ago, and several of the staff were talking loudly, brashly and with great authority in English as they do about anything and everything.

    When they noticed me, rustling my paper, they all went quiet for a moment. And then carried on in Welsh, loudly, brashly etc;

    Dirty yo-yo knickered women in Tenby though...And for that I am grateful
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  6. Well maybe the welsh don't like you either, and don't forget without Wales and the precious noodle mines we wouldn't have any delicious pot based snacks!
  7. Especially the sheep shagging trogs in Welsh Wales. Cymru and all that shit
  8. I, for one, quite like them.

    What troop or platoon in the british army would be complete without the token welsh bloke getting pissed up at every oppurtunity and rugby tackling wheelie bins on the way home from the pub through the pads estate. And speaking in a ridiculously funny accent.

    Hurrah for the taffys.

    Also the token jock, geordie, fijian, scouser, brummie, cockernie wanka, smoggy, makem, monkey hanger, carrot muncher, manc, zimbo, saffa etc.....
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  9. You still deeply regret wearing that sheepskin coat when you went camping in Bala. I'd be traumatised too, if I'd been pursued through the hills by a pack of savage Welshmen intent on sexual outrage....
  10. Not forgetting the iliterate Irish
  11. So, does that make you Irish, then?
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  12. I wish I was, no work sit it the boozer all day drinking the black stuff. Then on the way home do a bit of vandalism, and finally in the house shag my brother. Yes I'm from Ulster
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  13. Phuqing insular cnut, ever thought the Welsh might view you in a similar vein!! Have decided to assist Porridge Gun/MDN - my "cousin" to sort you out. Upset one of us and the whole lot more come piling out of the woodwork to join in the entertainment - be very afraid.
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  14. A sympathiser. Traitor.