I Hate The Press!

Just need to say this, during the Falklands, I remember the papers and news reporting on a daily basis about what is / has been happening, each day was a headline supporting the lads and reporting back. Same goes for Granby - now, why since we are still in the Stan, Pit and other areas of ops do the tabloids only ever headline or report back when something goes wrong or someone is killed, and even then it rarely makes anywhere near the front page? The SUN claims to be the forces newspaper, boll*x is it, none of them are, they us us for there own means, to sell papers. So, come on then newsies, we know you are reading these forums, answer the feckin question, why cant you suport us all the time? why cant you report on the graft people are putting in instead of 15 pages devoted to tug boat turney and her head scarf?????? wank*rs
The press only do it to sell papers. Stories of devotion, honour, sacrifice and bravery won't sell as much as 'Troops kick Iraqi's head in'. Oh for the support showed by the media during the Great War.

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