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I HATE Politicians

 :D I would just like to know if its 14 years service that is making me think like this, or am i just geting bitter!!
Having joined the military, and following in the foot steps of so many of my family members (and im talking since WW1). The only just conflict which i can remember as a pad brat was when my old boy went down south to give the Argies a taste of British might. Now it seems all we do is 'police' the sh*t holes politicians create in the first place.( And i know i dont have to list the places for all those that have been).
We seem to have, or indeed have gone from being a formidable fighting force to a 'cant go any were without the US support' bunch of politically correct, 48 - 72 hour send us were you like policemen, and it really pis*es me off af you can tell.
Then to really grip my goat they try and shovel that ITD bollo*ks on morality down our throats telling us that once we have gone to the these sh*t holes and dug out mass war graves, and saved the rag heads in Kuwait we are supposed to come home and behave like good little sqaddies. Meanwhile they are back here lining their own pockets cutting back on all three services, and increasing our operational commitments. I mean what the Fu*k is going on at No 10 / MOD main.
Everything from manning to equipment and moral has gone tits up. My old boy left after 24 yrs as badge man, and he used to say "When the lads stop shinfing, then its time to worry" I say Bollo*ks. I have found that moral is well past shinfing, in some Coys, Bn, Sqns etc, moral is shamefull. We have serving soldiers living in squaller. Fu*king convicted prisioners live better that some servicemen (RAF excluded ;)).
Like so many of us i have some good mates serving in many other Regt, Corps, and the shop we all talk about in the pub amazes me how similar things are across the board (and what is being done about it?).
And for those of us who still believe the Military is still a way of life and not just a job are a dying breed please tell me what you think.
As for the street wise politically correct childeren that are being recruited these days, are as im lead to believe, the way they are after ten weeks training, because of policy changes which the government have introduced. No wonder Terrorism has got the Govt Sh*tting itself, our operational effectiveness is a bag of arse, because our BASIC training is arse.

I tell you some one ought to shoot that left wing pinko communist at No 10, but then again they would only get a replacement.

PS. God bless the boys in Afganistan 8).
PSS. While im on a roll all you overpaid officers better pull your thumbs out your arses as well.

God Save the Queen :D - God Help the Military :mad:.



War Hero
Absolutely right.

The reason I left was because of general all round moral and people were peed off more than a bit. I've been out a while now and if it is as bad since I left, then God Help the forces.

I'd say there's nothing left to say after your post.

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