I hate people that say.......

It hurts me more then it hurts you! Eh, what a load of bollocks
Another one is when people say "oh at the weekend I stuck a marrow up my arse AS YOU DO" AS YOU DO, what the feck is that all about?
Awwww bless, what a shit one that is, and I agree with the NOT comment, thats the worst one yet, and when people do the speech mark thingies with their hands :roll:
"Time gentlemen please"
I hate those comedy tie wearing c-unts in the office, who, when you have the common decency to ask them how they are doing, reply

"Not three bad."

If you ever say this, have said it, or are thinking of saying it, don't. Your not fcuking funny or witty or clever. Your just a bit of a c-unt, so don't bother. And ditch the Homer Simpson tie, you can't buy a personality for 8 quid.
I hate people who say "It's alright. He's only being friendly" with reference to the creature presently gnawing on your Grandma's neck.

I also hate people who use the expression "Hit the ground running." These are usually officers and usually complete tools.

I hate people who use the words totally and cool in the same sentence especially with an american accent.

And most of all I hate the expression "...as the actress said to the bishop." This wasn't ever funny and those who use it need to be crucified upside down over a pile of burning tyres.
DozyBint said:
Moodybitch said:
I'm not being funny ( :D ) but I hate people that say......

"At the end of the day....."
I'm not being funny, but at the end of the day I hate people who say "Basically..." :roll: :lol:
Im not being funny but at the end of the day, basically what im trying to say is....

I hate people who mix up sayings e.g...

Its different when the shoe is on the other hand???!.....

Too many cooks make light work??!!!
'Its character building stuff ' really winds me up especially said by young sprogs from Sandhurst. If i need my character building i'd let him/her know.


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"I don't like to say I told you so but......"

Mainly because I enjoy saying 'I fecking told you so'

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