I Hate My Life; And This Is How Im Ending It?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by BadDay, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello You. My name is James Dewane and i am 17. I wish to inform you of my brave freefall for Help For Heroes. Some of you may hate me. Two or three of you may love me. A handful might think I’m alright. About a dozen or so of you probably think I’m older than I actually am. At least one of you is my mother. And all of you are thinking this introduction is making no sense and going on for way too long. You are correct..

    The important stuff;

    - Date = TBC
    - Target = £500

    I am trying to reach £500 as there is unfortuanetly a course cost of £200 because i dont know how to fly. But, i have already raised £151 toward this. Your help will be much appreaciated no matter how big or small your piece is.. :wink:

    Click HERE to see my page. :roll:

    Click HERE to sponsor me immediatley. 8)
  2. Good luck mate.

    Please.. don't pull that parachute :)
  3. I'll decide who your mother is. Now shut up son, and I will read you a story. :D

    My dog's pocket money goes to Spanish Dave et al, but I am sure I can find a tenner for you somewhere.

    Good luck young man.

    Dale xxx


    As soon as HSBC recognise the fact I have got a new card... Nobody say waaankers.
  4. You're raising money for H4H.

    You are welcome here, youth.

    Good luck.
  5. Bump! :)
  6. bump again 8)