Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by Queensman, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. A sister thread to the I HATE CRABS one, which has now turned into a bickering session between Movers of both the light blue and green (do they wear green? I give them the benefit of the doubt) persuasion.
  2. Original but dull Q
  3. Q,

    You must REALLY be bored fella :roll:
  4. Q,
    You mean we saw you off on that thread, so like a coward you start abuse elsewhere.

    As previously stated, I can happily deal with facts. Give me something tangible and we can have a discussion.

    Thought an important Ex-Infantry (probably TA) officer would have better things to do; sadly not it appears...
  5. Got him!
  6. I am sure we have been here before. You are pathetic; such responses are better suited to the NAAFI.

    As usual, you play the "I was getting him to bite" line when challenged, to cover the fact that you are quite dim and haven't a clue about the subject matter.
  7. Why oh why are we covering the same ground over and over again? :?
  8. Probabley be Q is a rather dull man :eek:)
  9. Maybe he should stop bulling boots and try it out on his personality :D
  10. Can you explain to me why a military air-move bears a closer resemblance to Securicor taking Knuckles and Beefy to Pentonville than the transport of an all-volunteer, motivated body of HM's soldiers? I calculate that in 20+ years of military insanity I gave up about two-three months of my life in "hurrying up and waiting" at Brize or Lyneham or the AOD on the return journey.

    That is a scary thought, I hadn't seen that number written down before although I always knew it had to be something like that...remember to buy copies of my military autobiography coming soon "I was a prisoner of the RAF" by Lt Col XXX XXXX TD and bar
  11. Thats quite simple, we're spending too much money on Bombs, Bullets and Big Ballistic things that go Bang and not enough Blankets, Bogs, Beans and Brize Based Bloody Big airplanes that Bloody well fly. Ha Ha

    As for the 'hurry up and wait'? Well that starts with the Sandhurst SNCO and gets perfected in the Field Army. We should just be thankful that when we get to Brize we don't have to empty our Berghans and hold up the worlds oldest set of Bino's and Compass just before we get on the plane. Ha Ha

    "ARMY!!!" (foot stamping) "Be Baffled By Bullsh1t, B#LL'OCKs and Big Bellied Biff chitted B#stards Bound for the rear party"
  12. Who the hell is 'WE'? You sad lonely tw@t.

    'Deal with facts' - may I refer you back to the umpteen pages of facts on the I hate Crabs thread.

    And, what have you got against the TA? Agreed - they probably don't like movers either. I'll ask one (a Terrier) when I next meet one.
  13. The problem with movers is that they sit in offices and think that they are connected with real soldiers. Sorry a MPC course does not make you into a frontline soldier.

    try to get out more and see what all your messing about does to the boys on the ground. :x
  14. Did WE make you bite?

    As for the facts, if you read through the aformentioned thread, it is mostly childish tittle tattle and devoid of any real issues. Those facts that do appear related to a lack of information given to the troops, which I agree could be better. I fight for this on your behalf daily.

    I have nothing against the TA at all, but enjoyed your reaction, thanks!
  15. My mission, which I do choose to accept on a daily basis is to minimise disruption to the troops. I am quite succesful at this thanks.

    We even look after fringe groups like you my dear chap! Balloon Corps, Cloud Appreciation Society or idiots like yourself; we are not fussy who we help.

    Why are you sorry that an MPC course does not change people into frontline soldiers? It's not your fault old boy...