I hate/despise/admire/love lightsiders/darksiders because...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by cpunk, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Rather than having this amusing and undoubtedly light-hearted banter spilling into every fcuking thread on this board, I'd like to experiment with a single thread into which we can spill all of our bile and rivalry.

    If this turns out to be a stupid idea, I reserve the right to bin the thread.

  2. Its the mess kit. It is camouflaged to look like a G Plan sofa. It renders senior ranks completely invisible at 3 metres.
  3. I see the whole point of the thread has passed you by...
  4. Are you sure ?
  5. Yep, I'll second that. Whoosh, over the head.
  6. Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil. Good cowboys always wore the white hats.... 8)

    Personally I hate them cause they're from 'the Darkside'...pure jealousy of the name.

    Wouldn't want a job with them in the arrse end of the world, with little prospects of promotions or friendship... :wink:
  7. Great Idea!.........

    Darksiders are always whinging on how hard done by they are, how it's harder to get promoted being a darksider and that they only get posted to shite places. You chose to be one so shut the f*ck up!

    But I do like them, they are so easy to wind-up and who else can we take the piss out of!

    (Apart from IAs and HUMINTERS)
  8. Not all shite, a sunny one in Cyprus was coming up and I thought I'd go for it. I happened to let slip to one I wanted it, he then played the "I'm already darkside trained" card and took the job from under my feet. CNut.
  9. Another Darkside trait and reason to hate them!
  10. believe me mate, that's one party you should be glad you missed out on ;)
  11. I was on a course with some quite senior dimsiders that didn't even realise they were called dimsiders....how dim is that? Oh yeah....title of the thread seems a little amiss..?!

    Sorry guys...if you don't realise how you are affectionately referred to by the quality side of the Corps and insist on calling yourselves lightsiders then perhaps you ought to reassess/adjust your attitude :wink:

    (oh yes, and there are some very nice postings for the darkside - you'll just never get to know about them).
  12. Typical dimsider, ill-informed and spouting utter bollocks.
  13. If there are very nice postings for the Dark side how come they always end up whinging about them. Anyway what's nice about Digby and 14 Sigs, oh and Chicksands in a blue moon. You certainly won't see many darksiders out on ops.
  14. That is the most outrageously offensive thing I have seen on this site. Think before you type, you ignorant cunt.
  15. ditto