I hate Christmas

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nishka, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I would let everyone know I hate Chrismas and everything about it.
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  2. Cheers for that.
  3. I agree. I'd happily go to bed on Christmas Eve and stay there til Boxing Day.
  4. Worst time of the year
  5. Oh dear seems like some people have been on the bah humbug pills, now come on you may as well just get on and enjoy it, you know you are going to spend the next year paying for it.
  6. To the hole please!
  7. Happy Christmas
  8. LOTS of good food, LOTS of booze and if you get the presents right with the missus LOTS of sex tokens. Why hate it?
  9. As I have not spent anything why would I be paying all year for it?

    I have no reason to 'get on and enjoy it' nor any inclination to do so.

    As to good food and drink I can have that any time of year and I don't buy presents for anyone!
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  10. Well done you. You must be so popular.
  11. I like it, I work and make lots of extra shiney 20pees for my barmaiding skills. On the other hand I have to spend more than 45minutes with my family.
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  12. I must agree in some way.....greed has taken over, most rug rats have not got a clue what crimble is all about as long as they get the latest gadgets :giggle:
  13. Its a wonderful time of year the feeling of cheer and good will, the love and affection of your family and of course the celebration of the birth of the little baby Jesus...... hang on, these arn't my meds, cancel my last !

    Bah humbug !

  14. i hate it, with a passion!!! Suppose if i had kids it would be different but i havent...

    P.S this is my first post on this websight and it was just by chance that i found it
  15. Fcuk it all off, bring on new year!!