I HATE Christmas because....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BaldricksBullet, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. I HATE Christmas because....

    bar an exceptionally short warning for an Op tour... nothing.... absolutely nothing.... is going to get me out of 3 days with the in-laws. I've got more chance of surviving a naked charge at a machine gun nest than I have of surviving this Christmas without topping myself.

    Oh and I've just been shopping.... don't even start me!
  2. Ahhh. I am dodging the bullet this year by 10 days! Thank god President Blair invaded Afghanistan!
  3. Internet for all xmas shopping stuff, Avoid anything like a town center (Apart from pi55 ups), chuggers are out in force this time of the year. Tell in laws to Fcuk off, and don't vist the miserble b@stards. Buy far too much drink then spend 3 hours in the pub chrimbo day!

    I spent a few christmas days been visited by pointless high (W) rankers dishing out gunfire.
  4. I H8 Christmas cos........ I have kids and the little f*ckers cost me and 'er indoors a f*cking 'tune!!!!
  5. No sympathy; you knew inlaws were an inevitable outcome of marrying your doris.

    Me, on the otherhand, can be a fecking loner or spend christmas with his parents in the home counties. My plan is to spend most of Christmas day working, the rest of it so drunk I can't be completely miserable
  6. Funny, I thought all you fellows would be going to church to celebrate the birth of the little baby Jesus, bless him.
  7. I'm working Christmas day and Boxing Day.

    I shall buy all my presents on the 27th in the sales before going home to the parents.

    Bah humbug!
  8. All the local pub's round my area open from 12-3pm, then close till boxing day, the one time of year when I need the emergency exit, their bloody closed!