I hate BT

I recently activated my old BT line and decided to get the broadband package at the same time. When agreeing the package details I had a nice call from a guy somewhere in the UK who was knowlegable and prepared to negotiate, prices, terms, length of contract etc.

March 1 - settled on the Unlimited package (Im quite a heavy downloader) for £9.99 for the first 3 months, normal price afterwards and 12 month instead of 18 month contract. The modem arrived, I set it all up and BAM "we are testing your line for the first 10 days"... so 10 days of 0.3mb internet while they did the compulsary tests, not much I could do but I was assured I would be compensated for the disruption..

March 10 - First bill arrives, its paid within a week. Then my friend calls me on my mobile, asking why I wont pick up the house phone... "It didnt ring" says I... "let me check". Now I have outgoing calls but no incoming calls...

March 11 - I call BT, they make me test all sorts of things before agreeing to send an engineer with the discalimer that if its a problem my end Im liable for £170 engineer fee. After making sure its not me who put the phone on silent or loose wires I agree and arrange for an engineer to come today (20th) between 8am and 1pm. I get a confirmation text that the problem has been logged and engineer notified.

March 20 12:59pm - I sit in and wait, and wait and wait. No engineer turns up so I decide to call BT and check if he's running late. Im informed that the fault was never reported to the engineers, but it was logged and confirmed. Apparently this is a "common thing", whilst on the phone to BT I did a little google search for "bt engineer not turning up" and found that a common excuse was that "the engineers didnt get the message" used when they dont bother coming... so I confronted the phone-jockey and she said its something I have to take up with a supervisor, but in the mean time I was politley informed that the system has autmatically added an additional £10 charge for "not being in when the engineer called" which they will take off as a "gesture of goodwill".

I asked to speak with a supervisor, but it seems BT do not have a call transfer function. Was told that one will phone me back on my landline...had to remind them that I DONT GET INCOMING CALLS, HENCE THE PROBLEM!.. mobile should ring anytime within the next hour and some poor call centre supervisor's day will go from bad to worse.

So 20 days of BT so far, the first 10 days with horrendus internet, last 10 days with no incoming telephone calls. They still managed to bill me for the full amount (agreed price), less than 2 weeks into the service they took the first payment out of the bank...

Never again BT, never ever ever ever again. I HATE BT
I really really hate that expression "gesture of goodwill". Banks use it too- 'look, we've charged you 200 quid, but we think you should be grateful because we've dropped that down to 150'. B****ds.
TalkTalk top it all.
I had my line and broadband activated in Nov 09. In Feb 10, i recieved a text message informing me that the engineer would call at the house to activate my phone line and broadband. :?
I recommended bt broadband to a mate. He bought the whole package, broadband and phone. It cost an arm and a leg. It didn't work. On my mates behalf (he is Russian - I had to dissuade him from killing people) I called bt and after ten days of continual calling I got as far as the chairmans office. A nice but effete young chap offered to help. Apparently he was the bt chairmans assistant (hmmm ?). It seemed that my mate had been given a double account with the same phone number. So it must have been his fault for buying two accounts with the same number. At one stage it was like an Alice in Wonderland experience. Eventually bt saw sense and cancelled the accounts and the bills and gave my friend 150 quid as an apology.

A month later the bailiffs turned up at my mates house demanding payment of the bills that had been cancelled.

BT = nightmare. Bargepole distance and don't even think of going there!
The supervisor gave me a call on the mobile and basically was very little help. All she could do was book another engineer for me for Sat 27th, a week away.

Only when the fault is sorted can they begin to discuss compensation(s). I suggested 2 months free and a broadband phone, I like to play hardball :D ill be happy with a refund on first month payment and 1 month gratis. Basically have to wait now another week with no incoming calls, and then take it from there.

The woman almost confirmed but not quite, that the excuse "the engineers didnt receive the message" is one used instead of admitting the engineers didnt bother coming. She started by saying the technology used had a fault, but its ok now" .... then I had to stop her, I found reports of the same excuse being used from 2007 to date. Thats a long time for a problem to exist, considering its "fixed now" everytime. She just gave a little sigh then kept saying "all I can do for you now, is send another engineer". Unprepared to discuss any sort of financial or otherwise compensation, but weak hints were made that I would be fairly compensated for -

10 days slow/disconnecting internet and resulting disruption to business
10+7 days no incoming calls and resulting disruption to business
7 hours of my time waiting on engineer
removing the £10 "not being in when engineer called" charge
bossyboots said:
TalkTalk top it all.
I had my line and broadband activated in Nov 09. In Feb 10, i recieved a text message informing me that the engineer would call at the house to activate my phone line and broadband. :?
When I initially moved to Talktalk, set-up was an absolute nightmare that dragged on for five months and ended up with them having to replace the hard drive on my pc as their set-up disc disagreed with my anti-virus and crashed. They did reimburse the cost of the new hard drive (which magically doubled in size! ;) ) however and since then (nearly 4 years ago), I have had no troubles with them at all. £22 a month for phone (including line rental, all 01 land line calls and international calls) and free broadband? Thank you VERY much 8)

I'm moving in the next month, dreading the possible mess they might make with the transfer but at that price, I'll grin and bear it.
BT are circling the drain. They're in a vicious circle of revenue loss leading to suicidal cost cutting leading to poor service leading to customer loss leading to revenue loss leading to ..... well you get the picture.

Like a body that's in heart failure, there's no longer enough blood pumping to the brain to keep the essential functions working.

I was in one of their data centres recently, having lunch with a mate. He's one of the few Brits left working in the place as nearly all of the staff have been replaced by Indian migrant workers. While waiting for a visitor's pass I had a look at the 'Site rules' poster. Rule 1: "You may only go to the toilet in designated toilet areas". BT have outsourced their business to people who need written instructions about going to the toilet. The company is now suffering the consequences.

My mate works in software development. He describes a job where they had to import a massive text file once a month from a customer in South America to process the data in England. The text file contained personal data so it had to be transferred in a secure manner. How would you achieve that? Here are some options:-

a) Switch on a secure FTP server at your site in England and have your clients in South American type 'sftp filename.txt' to transfer the file over the internet. COST = zero.

b) Have your client encrypt the file using some free software like PGP, burn it on to a DVD and give it to FedEx. COST = $20 per month.

c) Outsource the job to a team of blokes, none of whom is more than six months out of university. Set them up in a hotel in Buenos Aries for the best part of a year while they scour eBay for second hand ISDN modems that are compatible with your customer's obsolete mainframe and while they write custom, encrypted device drivers for the modems. COST = best part of half a million quid development plus $100,000 per month because the device drivers have a bug that causes them to keep the transatlantic ISDN circuit open 24/7, whether it's being used or not.

Can you guess which option BT chose?

In the 20 odd years since privatisation, BT has degenerated from the world's leading technology company to an utter, utter shambles. The first programmable, digital computer was invented by BT when it was the Post Office. So was pulse code modulation, the basis of digital products like CDs, DVDs, Sky TV and MP3 players.

Now, all you're likely to find at BT are turds in the bushes, pi$$ puddles in the stair wells and a load of young blokes shouting at one another in Hindi. Use them at your own risk. They're reaching breaking point as it is and the Tories are committed to removing the massive tax breaks for their migrant workers and their monopoly on the 'local loop' between the exchange and your house. I'd wager BT will be insolvent by next year.


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i was with bt for a couple of years before they began charging me two lots of line rental a month. They refused to accept this, even when i had read both reference numbers for the DD's in question, and provided written confirmation from my bank about where they were going.
During the whole fiasco, the phone operators would transfer me through to a supervisor aka their local takeaway, put me on hold for an hour plus, before timidly coming on the phone to find out if i was still there, and being quite put out when i was. I was lied to, fobbed off, called a liar myself and all sorts.

Now, i have as little to do with them as i possibly can. A major selling point when i move to another provider whenever i do so in the future will be that there is no BT involvement whatsoever, even line rental.
I will dance through the streets when BT go out of business, they are simply not fit for business.
How would you suggest BT lose their monopoly on the local loop, given

1. There is no monopoly, as Virgin will tell you
2. The local loop is now actually owned by BT's shareholders so isn't anyones to give away but theirs
Not as much as I hate Vodafone.

I sent them an e-mail asking why I was paying nearly £50 a month for a £30 contract that I hadn't used since December, and to give me a good reason why I shouldn't go over to 02 (with my new shiny Blueberry Swerve).

They sent me one back saying that they were sorry, would cancel my phone and number as of 16th April, but if I wanted to pop into my local Vodafone shop or call them on 191 they would be willing to discuss it, and as a gesture of goodwill they were crediting my account with £15. (That's useful isn't it if they are cancelling my account?)

I replied with "What part of I am not in the UK don't you understand? I can't use my phone down here, and the last time I checked there wasn't a "local Vodafone shop" within a few thousand miles of me. If you would like me to draw a map of where the Falkland Islands are - i.e. not just off the coast of Scotland, but near Argentina, which the last time I looked was in South America, please let me know".

The response? "Dear Mrs Slug, thank you for your e-mail, I see that my colleague has credited your account with £15, but as a further gesture of goodwill, I have further credited your account with £10. Please contact us on 191 or pop into your local Vodafone shop if you wish to discuss this".

For the sake of decency, and the fact that small children may be near the screen whilst you read this, I am not even going to tell you what my response was. Needless to say, Muhammed Kowabunga* is under no illusions about my thoughts on the matter.

* That might not be his real name, but it's what it looked like on the e-mail.


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I'm Tracey, how can I help yew?

Don't bother with the bottom feeders, set the whole thing out with great clarity and send it to the Chairman. He kicks it to a PA but to the immediate top-level manager on the receiving end it's a bllocking from the Chairman's Office ,so he reinforces the message as he passes it on, and it gathers force like a rolling snowball as it rolls downhill. Managers in British companies don't give a toss for the individual customer who is there to be smarmed, ignored or lied to as occasion demands, but they DO care about their annual appraisal.

Email ian.livingston@bt.com (CEO of BT) stating what the problem is, what you have done (calls to help line, engineer visits, etc), and what you expect BT to do to sort out the problem. Keep it polite and factual, his PA will pass it on to the Executive Complaints team who will deal with the problem personally and give you full contact details so you can get in touch with them at any time.

I had a problem with my broadband when I moved, two weeks of hell with the Indian help line and two engineer visits. One email to the CEO and within two days the problem had been traced to a faulty "card" in my exchange. Once the broadband was on I was offered 4 months free line rental and a bottle of Champagne for my trouble.

If you have a BT Homehub2 - Have you set up the phone etc Go to Home Hub Manager and activate BT Broadband Talk etc

I had a problem with incoming calls and wrong phones ringing and I had to go in here to sort it out.

I hope this helps and apologise if I am talking bollox.
I love BT. They pay me a big fcuk off pension every month. Lovely grub.
On a slight tangent, does anyone know who to complain to at The Carphone Warehouse? I put my phone in for repair and they've lost it.


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brummieboy1 said:
I love BT. They pay me a big fcuk off pension every month. Lovely grub.
Maybe not for long. :twisted: How safe is their pension fund given their financial state?

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