I Had my BARB test cancelled

Hi, I sent off my application form last friday for the AAC, i called the AFCO today to check up on my application. The woman i spoke to said that she had booked me a BARB test but had to cancel it, when i asked why she told me she didnt know and she would get my recruiter to call me when he gets in from a careers festival later today, my recruiter never called back im all worried now that for some reason im going to be in elegible, i dont know if its got anything to do with failing to get into the Marines over a year ago because i had to declare that on my application form.
has anyone ever heard of this being a problem before? any help would be much appreceated (sp?)

What did you fail on for the Marines?
I shouldn't worry about it mate, my guess is something came up and they couldn't get out of it, maybe it wasn't just you

I'd go down your careers office tommorow instead of waiting for the phone to ring
well basicly i was going in for all the wrong reasons, my heart wasnt completley in it and i failed on the interview, my recruiter at the time told me he was just deffering me for 6 months so i didnt think it would be much of a problem
It happens. As has been said, don't worry about it, pop in tomorrow and have a word.

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