I had arthritis when i was 7, now im trying to join TA &

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Wilmott313, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. I had mild arthritis when i was like 7years old, unlucky i know.. Im now in the process of joining the TA and im also in process of abotut to fill out a application for RAF Regiment becuse if i dont get into the RAF becuse of my unnessary arthritis i'll try for the TA. As a kind of backup!

    But im worrid i wont get into any of them becuse of my arthritis, that the army docters will see my as a liablillity what im not and will tell me to f* off becuse of the arthritis. Will they give me a oppertunity to show it does not effect me ATTAL and im not even on medication. Like will they see it like this or will i just be regected? :twisted: By the TA And RAF, now that would suck becuse my arthritis does not EVEN play up...since i was like 7 im now 17..

  2. Join the RAF regiment.
  3. Wow. You try and help someone and this is what you get in return;

    I don't think the arthritis will be the problem barring you from entry into HM Forces. You have a couple more issues you need to square away you loony. 8O

    And he did say ALL HELP WANTED......
  4. Hummm…

    You see the TA as a backup to the RAF Regiment? :D

    Must be a wah
  5. The medical examination carried out by the NHS on behalf of the MoD has very strict parameters for very good reasons. There is a very good chance you will not be accepted for either service in the RAF Regt and the TA, you should prepare yourself for that outcome.

    What area of the UK do you come from and what TA unit have you considered joining?
  6. Oops, just read the entire of your post and therefore had to edit my post.

    Tum-tee-tum... nothing to see here.
  7. Is your name Benjamin Button?