I had a dream last night...

OK, I'm officially scared now.

I'm in the process of rejoining the TA after an absence (with leave). This is not the scary part, though some may say so. No,what is really frightening is that last night, my erotic dream of getting my end away with a fine blonde piece slowly transmogrified into a nightmare of epic proportions.

I found myself in some kind of transit camp, having only two items in my possession, one was a shirt OG, and the other what I thought to be a pair of lightweights. The only problem was that what I thought to be a pair of lightweights was in fact a pair of olive green shorts. So I'm wandering around a camp in shirt OG with OG shorts - shirt not tucked in and unshaven. Hoping not to run into the Badge. Fortunately I didn't, but ended up in the QMs, where I had to draw a load of kit - not unusual in itself, except that the kit was really weird - I don't remember it all, but I know razors were involved, as well as, bizarrely, insoles.

It all got hazy after that, and I awoke. The REALLY scary part was waking up with morning glory - I can only hope this was due to the aforementioned blonde piece...

Can anyone help? Or am I past saving?

braveheart said:
i always wake up to a sensational welcome from mini-me... i wouldn't worry about it.
Yeah, but the QMs?

And the wife wouldn't even let me near her!
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