I had a Bad Dream about Lord Peter -Do I need Treatment?

I hope taht I have put this in the right Forum spot......

I had this dream last night. I was in a 'Hot Climate' in an old wooden Barrack Block at the age I am now (60 something), armed with an SLR, Sterling subbie and a 9mm auto and flack jacket (N. Ireland variety of the 1970s). I was a desk wallah shuffling papers, then the alarm went up.

Being of the 'PC' type not wanting to upset anybody. The barracks was full of other Soldiers and we were attacked by Non-British Geezers of a Non-white persuasion who wore Big beards and waving AKs around.

I was trying to get my kit on, hot weather kit, tin hat, SLR etc... when around this corner came .... Lord Peter trying to work out and allocate various peeps to various platoons etc. He was making such a 'dogs dinner' of it... (well he is just a desk jockey, a bureacrat and not a very good one at that)

So I shouted.... "Sir!' (Yes, one has to call him 'Sir').... "My Lord, Lord Peter..!" I screamed... "Its nay guid Sir, leave that to me... go on... boogar off and get into saftey..!"

So there we were all banging away with out SLRs and SA80s (for the younger soldiers).... making mincmeat of all these 'Wussy-Fussies'.... nary a shot fire back with their AKs.... something strange here I thought.

Then there was nobody there except us Brits all congregating in Platoon Order in our Jungle Green Skivvies (Lasses as well Do the Lasses get issued with NATO Green skivvies as well???) ..all 'tooled up' with Bundooks, radios, and all the required gear...

Lord Peter M is still trying to organise everything..... then I woke up...

Phew, Phew... I thought Horrors... what if its true... that Lord Peter was trying to take over the MoD and run the Military things his way... Going into battle wearing just Boots, Gaiters and Skivvies..... :p :p 8O

Should I seek an appointment with the Unit MO, or just stop eating Cheese before going to bed??? :oops: :eek:

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