I guess Hitler IS reborn...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Listy, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. 8O 8O 8O 8O Way too much sugar, and WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH RED CORDIAL 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
  2. Sent for father Caras


    Your mother sucks co.cks in hell!
  3. sh!t I thaught I had problems with my computer. 8O 8O 8O :p
  4. omfg.

    never mind ritalin, that child needs shot!

  5. I dunno why he's acting like that. but I laugthed my head off when he broke the escape key.

    And here is what someone is claiming the speach translates as:

    “hurry! i wanna play Unreal Tournament!! go!!!”
    “start that damn game!!”
    “start! that! game! you !”
    “I’m not going to say it twice.. go..”
    “what is this!?! Oh my God!!! What happened!?!”
    “I want Unreal! I want to play!”
    “It’s starting.. here we goooo.. here we gooo.. PLAY PLAY!!!”
    “It’s loading.. when it loads THE WATING TAKES SO LONG!!! I DON’T WANT TO WAIT I WANT TO ”
    “think positive.. just think positive.. going to start any moment now..”
    “there it is.. there it is.. RAAAARGT you take that! eat that! i killed him! Whohoo!”
    “eat that! eat feces you i will kill you!”
    “the escape button’s missing.. where’s the escape button?”
    “i don’t need help.. i don’t need help.. i don’t need help.. ”
    “i’ll punish them.. i’ll just punish them.. I! WILL! PUNISH! YOU!”
    “Yahooo! I killed him.. I will kill you all!”
    “he’s shooting at me.. that ’s shooting at me! RAAARGH!”

    And I thought FPS Doug was bad...
  6. I'm normally quite a hard bstard but that video makes me feel uncomfortable and wish it had not been shown for amusement. It's not funny in anything other than voyeur values or informative. I feel for the poor sod and think he deserves his privacy.
  7. They are not allowed to smack in germany either.

    it shows.

    think about this - "what are his kids going to be like?"

  8. I have two boys, one coming up on 16 and the other 10. Both lose their rag with games but the youngest is perhaps not as sneaky as the eldest so gets caught out more yelling at the top of his lungs at the TV/ monitor. I tried patiently explaining that the TV does not have ears and cannot hear him. I politely explained that maybe taking a break when he's feeling stressed out may be a good idea.

    I think walking up to him and telling him to turn the damn thing off and if I heard another peep out of him I'd stuff the controller up his arrse had the most postive effect though as he actually quietened down. Except for the crying thing...

    Walk softly - carry a big stick.
  9. Same approach i take with my girls. but my wife says its all wrong. seems to work though.

  10. I think you will find the young chap was trying to download porn off the internet but found out it stared his Father dressed as a SS Gimp dry bumming the living daylights out of floppy, his pet rabbit, while his Mother filmed it.
  11. "They are not allowed to smack in germany either".

    Reminds me of an 'urban myth'

    Young Jock's wife is in a shop in Berlin. Her wean is screaming it's head off and won't shut up. So she scuds it one around the head.

    German Frau in the queue is most upset and shouts, "You must not do that! In Germany we do not beat our children".

    Wee wifey replies, "Aye, that might be right but in Scotland we don't gas our Jews!"

    Allegedly, wife and husband were posted out very shortly afterwards.

    As I said, probably urban myth.
  12. Hope it isnt - quality!

  13. Another quote:
    And people realy should learn about how to switch webcams off, or to check for otehr CCTV systems. The brat will learn a very important leson from this, and it might save him real embaresment in later life.
  14. Whenever I see kids like that, their heads seem to say "insert bullet here" to me.