i-Grenade anyone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PE4rocks, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. 360 camera 'grenade', coming to a cellar near you soon. Possibly.


    Useful if it makes it to general issue I would have thought.
  2. James Bond/Q come to the battle field?
  3. A great idea and even better if it works well in practice.

    That said, in these days of fiscal cuts, tighter budgets and credit crunch I can't see it getting any further than SF use. I mean can you imagine the problems the CQMS is going to have with the idea.... "It's like a grenade that doesn't go bang? It costs how much? And you want me to issue it to you? So you can just throw it away?" :D
  4. Done sometime last week :)
  5. Bollox, my search mojo has failed.
  6. Nice, invention.
  7. Did anyone suggest its use within female ablusions back then?
  8. It'll come in a logistics container the size of a house and have 20 regi numbers, by the time you've managed to issue one it'll be 2050. Who's going to sign for it anyway? Jesus perhaps as long as he's got a chit from God.
  9. At first I thought, "Great, finally it's not just the US developing new military technology".

    Then I realised they'd just be throwing web-cams through windows.
  10. [​IMG]

    What's the bet spending being cut that this takes forever to emerge?
  11. Ddn't this appear in development as "EYEBALL" about two years ago?

    I seem to recall remarking that it would have to be known as the Mk2 Eyeball.
  12. Yes.....me in fact :)
  13. Now that was a shock - wait, no it wasn't.

    You're the resident ARRSE Perv.
  14. and I bet it's not waterproof.